Yield (The Armageddia series, #1) by Bryan K. Johnson

Kelly - 5

Get ready for WW3 and the start of a gripping trilogy.

To put it simple; This book is incredible! I have never been one to pick up an apocalyptic End of the World as we see it novel, but after noticing the flash advert on my side toolbar and the amazing 5 star reviews I thought I would go against the grain, break my cycle and run with it. Oh boy, what a bloody good decision that was!

In the opening chapters we get introduced to pivotal characters slotted into a timeframe period. It reminded me of the opening scenes of a movie, I then found out that this was originally the Author's intentions.

We meet the Basketball star, the career driven News reporter, the bitter Arab, the beautiful model, the retired General, the pregnant Airline Stewardess and the British fire-fighter recovering alcoholic extraordinaire, Devin Bane. With a few others thrown in for good measure.

Going about their daily lives and little drama's, these characters gradually start to cross paths as they embark on an air flight from Portland to Seattle. Each with reasons of their own, they are then thrown together through tragedy. As a flash encompasses the airplane and heavy turbulence lands the aircraft in a pile of ash, Devin battles with the flames to help those he can escape the wreckage only to emerge to find the Seattle skyline completely obliterated.

As grief and emotional turmoil consume these characters, the unlikely team band together to get out of the city and the acidic rain that pours from the blackened clouds, as the reality dawns on them that America has just come under nuclear attack.

However, it is soon apparent that when the Human Race is faced with desolation and despair, the panic turns to street violence, loitering and the selfish will to 'survive'.

Trailing miles and miles for refuge, each mile poses further problems and it becomes a fervent battle to make it home. With thirst, hunger and escaped convicts chomping on their heels, the battle to survive continues...

Without giving anything else away with regards to the plot, this book had me turning page after page well into the night. I laughed and I cried at some of the unfairness of it all, and I was genuinely a little scared - simply because this could happen! Like someone else reviewed on here, there's no silly virus and no walking dead. This is a story that is written with honest angst that could easily be made believable. A few of the characters I really warmed to, some others didn't quite capture my heartstrings but there were enough characters to give the book great flow, and worthy of a place in the movie world if the right production company got their hands on it.

Now, I want to know what happens next and will eagerly await book two. Bryan K. Johnson, you have converted me! Due to this, I can only give this book a well worthy 5 shiny crowns.

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