Yes, Master by Margaret McHeyzer




My uncle raped me.

I was 10 years old when it started.

At 13 he told me I was no longer wanted because I had started to develop.

At 16 I was ready to kill him.

Today, I’m broken.

Today, I only breathe to survive.

My name’s Sergeant Major Ryan Jenkins and today, I’m ready to tell you my story.


“Master would flog me if I did, she won’t be happy when I tell her what happened here.”







Kelly - 4 Handcuffs



This book, in many ways, is probably the most difficult I have ever read, therefore making it hard to rate. After much thought and deliberation, I have given it a high 4 due to how Ryan's journey made me feel by the end. I'm still trying to gather my thoughts and formulate some of those emotions into words that make sense so I'm going to sleep on this and write my proper review tomorrow.




Wow! Okay, now let me just start by saying that as far as BDSM erotica goes, this storyline goes above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. There are many elements to Ryan’s story with some parts proving very difficult to process. The warning with regards to the prologue is there for a reason and I’m not going to lie to you… it is an absolute killer!


Child abuse in any form is a hard-limit for me. I felt the urge to scream ‘RED,’ slam my kindle down, run to the safe confines of my marital home and not look back… but then I questioned myself; what sort of person would I be to shy away from what is actually a harsh reality in the world we live in? Albeit, this is a fictitious tale, the way it is told; with sheer emotional depth and profound honesty, tells a whole new story…


Yes, I struggled with the backdrop theme, but at the same time I cannot deny that it gave this story impact and highlighted in sheer detail Ryan’s metamorphosis from being a broken, shame-filled man who harbours an unprecedented amount of pain, to a man who finds release and inner acceptance by what many would deem ‘unconventional means.’


Whatever your thoughts on BDSM romantic literature, this story proves that freedom can still be found while shackled in chains and putting your faith and trust in another. Learning to let go and slay those inner demons after years of nurturing them with Jack Daniels is one detox that will take plenty of care, understanding, love, and compassion - Stella and Mason are the answer to those prayers.


The way I interpreted this story is that Ryan was a child victim of abuse. His innocence stolen by a member of his immediate family - one who should have protected him but instead destroyed him - making three years of his life a living hell. Having no control over the abhorrent torment that was unleashed upon him, Ryan grew up angry, scared and unable to fully commit to a relationship. His Daughter from an already failed marriage is his only saving grace, his light in the darkness - everything else became secondary routine. Jack Daniels may cure the numb, but the demons are always there… beckoning, taunting, plaguing him with incessant nightmares.


When Mason (Ryan’s childhood best friend and oscar winning A-List actor) invites him to a charity event, he meets up with Mason’s master/domme, Stella. Immediately they are enamoured with one another and with the help of them both, Ryan finds out what it means to explore a new outlet for his internal suffering and embrace the newfound freedom of what it means to put your life in the hands of another. The only difference this time, is that it is by choice. He was given the option to choose and in doing so, he took the power back from the man who seeked to destroy him, as he embraced his new role as a submissive.


‘Yes, Master’ is a consensual M/F/M love/sub/domme triangle that dynamically worked. It’s hotter than hell and made me squirm on more than one occasion, but there was also beauty in it.


Stella is a strong character and I loved how she could be so firm and confident in the role of master, then switch to a woman who truly cared. She has a good heart, not harbouring any past horrors of her own, but is open to the idea of love. She is a redeeming angel clad in stiletto’s and leather, and I admired her completely.


Mason is a man of many layers. Holding celebrity status, he is the embodiment of ‘famous hot Hollywood actor’ with a secret lifestyle that works for him. He takes the whole BDSM lifestyle to a whole new level as he relishes in the confliction of pain… however, he is a good man who truly cares for his best-friend and their connection was unique and beautiful. Their relationship never came across ‘seedy’ in any way, quite the opposite, actually.


This is a great read that will push buttons and cross boundaries, but I commend Margaret McHeyzer for her bravery, and in doing so, creating a story that will continue to live with me for a while to come. Yes, it’s a day later and I still can’t get this story out of my head.


‘Yes, Master’ has given me one hell of a book hangover, so my advice… read it if you think you’re hard enough! (pun intended).



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