Wrapped Around Him (Moroad MC, #1)

by Debra Kayn

Empathy is an emotion that has always evaded Cam Farrell, president of the Moroad Motorcycle Club and prisoner #18794. He's gambled with his life to finish the gun chain running across the states, get the majority of his MC brothers working inside the prison system, and place the smoke screen in Federal, Idaho. He only needs one more thing—Christina. What he wants, he takes, and freedom doesn't mean a damn thing.

Christina Nickelson keeps to herself and uses her part-time job for Silver Valley's Department of Children's Services to help those who are also alone and hurting. The anger and fear she thought she'd overcome after her parents were murdered resurfaces when an ex-convict and leader of a motorcycle club claims a teenage boy in her care. She can't let her worries go. Putting herself at risk, she finds herself held hostage, witnessing a murder, and questioning fate. The only person she can rely on is the biker who will kill her if she tries to leave. 


Book 1 in the Moroad Motorcycle Club series.

Christina Nickleson is a social worker still trying to come to terms with her own tragic past. The job she does takes her mind of the sad and insular life she has; focusing her on children who need help the most. A case that has become important to her is Jeremy, a 16 year old who lost his mother to an overdose and has recently been taken in by his father; Cam Farrell - President of Moroads MC who was released from a long stint in prison just 18 months ago. Having the case closed hasn't stopped Christina's concern. Even though Mr Farrell has made it abundantly clear that her attention is not wanted, Christina finds herself still sitting outside his home anyway.

Cam Farrell has Christina Nickleson in his sights. Knowing that even the threat of death isn't enough to stop her concern for Jeremy, he ensures that she becomes trapped in the net he has laid for her. Finally taking her captive, he goes about forming a connection with her in the most hostile way. He is a patient man, he has grown up in and out of prison and knows that he will eventually break down the walls that she has constructed around herself. But when danger arises, will he be able to protect her or will he be the one to put the target on her back himself?

Will Cam be the one to finally provide Christina with the protection she seeks after the grizzly murder of her family? Will she learn to trust him? and what makes the numbers 18794 so important to both of them?

This is certainly a different spin on MC romance. It is a twisted tale of tragedy, incarceration and obsession. I can't say too much about the storyline as it twists and turns and goes in directions you don't necessarily expect it to. 

Christina is a woman who is still struggling to come to terms with the loss of her parents. Her only life line ended 18 months ago and now she uses her work to keep her going. The journey she takes with Cam is a tough one. It begins so aggressively but he becomes a central part in her ability to move on from the past. Cam well he is a complicated man. I wasn't overly sure of him at first. When he goes after something, he doesn't do it conventionally or even nicely. He is a rough and tough biker and he makes no apologies for it. He is determined to have Christina and he goes about making her reliant on him completely. There are however reasons and methods in his madness and although he isn't the nicest biker character I have come across (I think this is very much intended by the author though), you will grow to love his commitment to Christina.

I would be lying if I said this was the best MC book I've read because quite frankly it isn't. I admit I found it quite complicated at times. There is a lot of club politics going down throughout the book and I got a little confused with the different gangs... Blue's, Red's and the various other characters who also popped up. I'm not sure if that's because I haven't read any of her other MC books though. I would however add that I found the last 20% fast paced and exciting. Be warned it does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, but it has left me looking forward to the direction Christina and Cam's journey will take next.

A interesting, if not a little complicated twist on MC romance. Great race to the finish leaving me looking forward to the next instalment.


Emma  - 3.5 Crowns

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