White Trash Beautiful (White Trash, #1) by Teresa Mummert

Kelly - 4

A unique and stunning insight of a broken girl, from a broken home, who just wants to live the fairytale – if only just for a little while.

Warning: White Trash Beautiful covers some very serious and disturbing subject matters.


Cass is twenty-three, living in a dilapidated trailer in a very rough part of town. There is no heating, no hot water and the food cupboards are bare. She works herself to the bone everyday and most evenings in the Diner across the parking lot, so she should have money, right?


What many would class as the job from hell, is in fact her refuge, because her Mother and the man she loves, are both alcoholics and heavy ‘class A’ substance abusers. Having to deal with domestic abuse when the ‘next fix’ stakes it’s claim, she has long been the sole carer and provider of the only two people in her world, but Cass dreams of wanting more. With sheer hard work and determination, Cass saves as much money as she can, hiding it in an old stuffed teddy bear – in the hopes of moving her family away and starting a better life. Oh the lovely, selfless, beautiful girl.

It starts like as any other day at the Diner, serving coffee and cooked food to local stragglers and passers through, when a young, good looking, motorcycle riding god takes a seat at the booth and orders a beer. Wanting to keep him sweet in the hopes of a decent tip, she swipes a Bud from the owner’s private stock and takes his order for a Burger and Fries. His name is Tucker, and he’s staying for a few days over in the next town, due to ‘work commitments’.

As he divulges Cass into pleasant conversation, in walks Jackson, Cass’ substance abusing boyfriend, demanding money. Tucker can see behind the façade and makes a point of visiting Cass again at work, but when Jackson makes another scene, he takes it upon himself to protect and befriend Cass, and show her that there are more things to life, than being just a trailer park waitress.

What Cass doesn’t know, is that Tucker is in fact the lead singer of a successful rock band, called Damaged and he’s just passing through while on tour. As their two world’s briefly collide, Cass knows that if her secret was to be revealed, there would be hell to pay back home, but for only a few days, Tucker makes her feel alive for the very first time.

Cass accepts the fact that she has to go back to the Trailer and to her ‘normal’ life, but knew letting Tucker go was always going to be hard! And, Tucker knows that all too soon he will have no choice but to leave her behind…


I loved Cass, although her self-belief had taken a battering and she questioned everything, especially her worthiness of Tucker’s affections, that at times I was screaming in my head, ‘YOU DO DESERVE THIS.’ She still proved to be completely selfless and I loved that aspect of her character.

Tucker is a dreamboat; it was impossible not to fall in love with him. His concern and protectiveness over Cass was admirable, and yet the notion of helplessness and despair when it came to knowing he was going to have to leave her behind to follow on with his tour made you love him just that little bit more.

Overall, this is a very well written ‘shorter’ novel that is incredibly moving and had me turning pages well into the early hours because I just had to read the whole thing in one go! A great 4 and a half hours well spent.

I highly recommend this book if you have a love for beautiful Rock Stars with a heart and are open to sink your mind into difficult subject matters.

4 shiny crowns from me.

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