When We Collide by A.L. Jackson

Elizabeth - 5 crowns

This book.... This book is just... I am at a loss for words... So good, so tormenting, so just OMG! 


Joanne - 5 crowns


This book is simply a must read . True testament to the human spirit. This book tormented me, made me cry and taught us about the power of true love.

Kelly - 5 crowns

Powerful storytelling at its finest! An account of a six-year struggle of unrequited love, loss, abuse and family devastation.

“Underneath the scars that lined my body and lined my soul, William saw me. And he loved me as much as I loved him.”

”I had spent my life believing I was happy. Satisfied. Until the day Maggie Krieger sent my world careening out of control. I knew then that having her was the only thing that could ever right it.”

A.L Jackson took the ballpoint pen by the literary horns with ‘When We Collide,’ and didn’t hold back! To say this book is a light-hearted, warm and fuzzy love story would not be an accurate description. Going by the wad of soggy Kleenex by my side should give you a clearer indication, that actually, this book is one intense journey that will captivate you then fill you with nagging dread simultaneously, as events slowly start to unfold.

Domestic abuse is never an easy subject matter to delve into, but Jackson has the ability to deliver it with an honest and beautifully crafted thrall that makes shying away utterly impossible, as you fall in-love with her writing style and the well-drawn characters that wind their way into your book-loving beating heart. Its books like this that remind me of why I love to read!

But this book isn’t totally embraced in darkness, there are parts that are truly beautiful, the love that these two kids feel for each other will mesmerise as you follow each protagonist in their six-year struggle - written in first person narrative in the past and present. This book is an angst fuelled forbidden love fest, and I loved every moment of it. Yes…even the moments I read through my fingers!


William Marsch fled his small town hometown in Mississippi six-years ago, with a broken heart. Leaving her behind was the only way he could move forward – into a high-flying pressured job and a loveless professional relationship, his present circumstances couldn’t have been more further from the once true self he left behind in that small town, as he vowed NEVER to return.

Maggie still thought of him everyday. William was the only man she had ever truly loved. The night she let him go was the hardest moment of her life – but it was a necessity, the reasons too abhorrent to voice. That reason still haunted her everyday, made her life almost unbearable as domestic violence continued to play second fiddle to her down-trodden and miserable life. Her only refuge and light to her shattered and torn soul comes in the form of her beautiful little boy, Jonathan.

When William receives a call from his ‘now’ estranged older Brother, Blake, pleading with him to come home as his beloved Aunt is dying, he expected another brush-off, but William, with his crumbling loveless relationship and accountancy job from hell surprises Blake by agreeing to return for a short time.

“I’d lost myself somewhere along the way, and maybe my subconscious was telling me it was time I found that person again, because I sure as hell wasn’t happy with who I’d become.”

As his thoughts continuously lingers back to her, he is apprehensive to see Maggie again, and yet he cannot deny the magnetic pull – the NEED to catch just a glimpse. But when he sees her at his Aunt’s reception, he wasn’t quite prepared for the emotion flood-gates of open, like a tidal wave, rocking his world to the core.

Maggie never thought she would see him again, but it’s still there… the love, the regret, the devastation she felt six-year’s ago as it consumes her, crashing down on her with a vengeance, that is until… PANIC sets it. Because when a love so powerful, so all-consuming and forbidden embraces two young hearts, with it comes something else; a whole new set of, Consequences.


Follow this intense and heart-wrenching story of sacrifice, compassion, hope and the promise of second chances.

When We Collide also give a strong and inspirational message. Although a work of fiction, Maggie’s circumstances are, unfortunately, not unique in the world we live in outside of the printed page. There are many reports of domestic violence in the home and A.L Jackson has bravely depicted this story with compassion and honesty.

A truly outstanding story that is beautifully constructed and has been allocated pride of place on my favourites and awe-inspiring shelf. 

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