Wethering the Storm (The Mighty Storm, 2) by Samantha Towle

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Music journalist Tru Bennett has done the impossible: capture the heart of rock-star bad boy Jake Wethers. Now they’re busy planning a wedding and navigating their new life together in the US. Of course Tru misses London and her best friend, Simone, but living happily ever after with Jake in LA is going to be great…right?

Wrong. Even the bright California sun can’t whitewash the dark side of celebrity coupledom. Greedy music execs, merciless paparazzi, and Jake’s wild past are lurking around every corner. Making matters worse, Jake announces he doesn’t want kids, which just may be a deal breaker. 

Tru loves Jake more than anything. But when a devastating crisis threatens to destroy everything they’ve fought for, the couple must face the hard truth: What if, this time, love is not enough?



Book Review: Wethering the Storm (The Mighty Storm, #2) – Samantha Towle

My eyes are tired but my book loving beating heart is happy and full.

Wethering the Storm proved the perfect sequel. I loved this book from start to finish. I devoured every inch of it and didn't want it to end. Just when you think you can't fall in love with these characters anymore, they prove that they have more to give, and I was more than willing to take.

”There isn’t anything I won’t do for you, Tru. Nothing I won’t do to make you happy. What I feel for you…it’s limitless. There is nothing before or after you. There is only you.”

“You own me, Tru.”
“You own me too. Completely.”

Rock Star bad-boy Jake Wethers and his Jude, Tru Bennett, are back in this spectacular sequel. Wethering the Storm gave me tingles - warm and fuzzies took over as Samantha Towle delivers highly again in the steam factor, except this time it’s real, organic and honest. This is a love fest delivered it’s it purest of forms and highest of magnitudes, making it one of the most inspiring love stories of recent times.

The Mighty Storm was raw, hard-hitting intense passion, riddled with mistakes, jealousy and infidelity. Yet throughout it all, these two best friends were destined to be soul mates, to the reader, that was always obvious. Nevertheless, Jake’s drug abuse was a bitter pill to swallow (pardon the pun) in the first book, making it a real rock ‘n’ roll angst-ridden emotional roller coaster ride.

Enter, Wethering the Storm… Wow, what can I say except be prepared to fall completely in love with Jake Wethers ALL OVER AGAIN! He has certainly matured and gained a wider perspective to what he needs in his life to make him happy, and she comes from British/Puerto Rican decent; his best friend and the woman who showed him what it was to love, to find hope and happiness in a world without the need for nameless groupies and class A drug addiction. Jake and Tru are survivors; their love has conquered all!

With her move to LA and a big rock on her ring finger, this is a new beginning for Jake and Tru as they take some time out and spent it alone, away from the dramatics and razzmatazz of the music world. It’s not before long though that real-life creeps back into their perfect ‘bubble,’ when Jake discovers his store company, co-owned by his deceased friend and TMS guitarist, Jonny, has been compromised with fraud.

The stresses of paparazzi, groupie hate mail and no close female companions, Tru seeks comfort in Stuart, her new best gay friend and Jake’s trustworthy PA and Dave, her personal Bodyguard. Although it’s not quite the same as homesickness sets in. Missing her parents, her best friend Simone and her work collegue, Vicky, the evenings start to get lonely, with Jake back in the studio recording a new album.

When an incident in a club brings back the dark memories of Jake’s sordid past, Tru starts to question their future and what it may hold. Letting go of it is proving difficult, especially when the local girls seem to have ‘had a taste.’ Jake consistently proves more than anything that his desires lie in keeping Tru happy by giving her everything her heart desires, all except one… A family. The idea of becoming a Father petrifies him as past events play havoc with the idea of parenthood.

Tru cannot lose Jake, so a compromise has to be made… that is until something happens that turns their world on it’s head, making Tru question everything.

While Jake struggles to come to terms with this new revelation, he is still sure of one thing, he cannot lose Tru, not again, it would kill him to let her go, but little does he know, this is only the beginning...


Tru’s character certainly shined in this book. Her kind and loving heart knows no boundaries when it comes to Jake. Although she knows that deep inside still lingers a scared and sad little boy, with her love and support, she proves that she is all that he needs to make it through in order to bury those demons and put the past behind him.

I had high expectations for this book, but Samantha still managed to surprise me. This story has elements of predictability, its true, then she goes and pulls something out of the bag that had me white knuckle death gripping my kindle for dear life. Yep, its intense, I’m talking, rip your heart out and cry like a baby, intense!

But, because I am so nice, I will put you out of your misery; it does have an HEA and is the perfect ending to an unforgettable tale of how two best friends separated at fourteen, found their way home.

Next up is Tom’s story, and I for one cannot wait to sink my teeth into that little devil. I’m also intrigued about how his new tattoo will go down with the ladies. HA! Chapter 8=EPIC. Trust me on this!

Absolutely Brilliant!






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