Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2) by Jamie McGuire

Joanne - 2

This was only a tolerable book that had sweet moments, however, they were all captured in beautiful disaster. I thought I would get closure, but I didn't! Travis now has evidence against Mick. Benny is gone. I just see trouble because you just don't mess with the mafia!

I don't know how I feel about this book and I've already had a couple of days to mull it over. Yes, its the same book as Beautiful Disaster but, to me, it seemed to be a copy and paste job throughout pretty much half of it. I could have saved time just by reading the prologue and epilogue. However, even if I just did that - the time leap and gap of 11 years between the last chapter and that epilogue was ridiculous and just left more questions...

So, for me personally, this didn't live up to the massive hype!

Kelly - 4

I think I am right in saying that Walking Disaster is a fan’s book, created solely to give us avid readers a new angle on an ‘old’ favourite that was, ‘Beautiful Disaster’.

Well… alright, Beautiful Disaster is not an ‘old’ book at all, but it was one of the first ‘Indie’ based books that I ever read and so for that reason alone, it will remain in my favourite book list for a very long time. So, when it was announced many months ago that Travis ‘Mad Dog’ Maddox was going to get his say, I was euphoric, because he is the one that started it all. Travis was ‘my’ instigator, he gave birth to the mass craze of college bad-boy - the tattooed, Harley riding, promiscuous Sig Tau that finally discovered what it was to fall in love, that had us girls in a tizzy the world over and what gave Jamie McGuire her giant leap onto the International Bestseller extraordinaire list.

The storyline is the same, but to jump into those loaded leather boots and delve deep into the mind of one of the most notorious ‘book boyfriend’s’ of modern times was not only a literary delicacy, it provided closure to what I believe, is a ‘noughty’s’ contemporary ‘young adult’ romance classic.

So, why the 4 and not 5?

Well, it was for a few reasons. Firstly, I found some of the scenes rather choppy, hence my earlier statement that this book is a ‘companion’ to Beautiful Disaster, it is not a standalone read and although I had read Beautiful Disaster, I still found myself racking my brain to help fill in some of those missing gaps.

Secondly, I felt frustrated with Abby. I know… I know… that’s partly the point of this story, but she came across so damn cold in this version that I felt like shaking her! At times it felt I was reading about a different person. Travis painted her a goddess on a figurative pedestal and yet all she gave him was grief. Some of it was justified, but not all.

And, how many times did Travis use the term, ‘bagged or bagging,’ I hated it. I don’t remember it being used so prominently in Beautiful Disaster. Yet, I can still forgive all those things, because Travis isn’t perfect, he’s the kind of guy who would have broken my heart in college and not thought twice about it, but it’s true ladies; We ALL love the bad-boy.

The Vegas scene was so much more enjoyable this time around, as was the basement fire. Travis’ sheer determination to find the woman he loves in confines of thick smoke was admirable and had me gripping the edge of my seat. The break-up was a sheer colossal drop on the emotional roller-coaster, my goodness, the devastation that resonated from that man was palpable and had me ‘almost’ throwing my kindle against the wall (hence my Abby frustration), but it was the Epilogue. HOLY HELL! That Epilogue made this book for me. I didn’t expect it to take us 11 years into the future, and WoW… that’s all I’m saying.

And yet, to move forward with this story in its full entirety; we had to go back… prepare yourself people, the Prologue was tough, and I don’t mean flailing arms and bloody noses in the boxing ring tough, I mean grab your Kleenex, call your Mum and tell her you ‘love’ her, tough!

Shepley played a more prominent part in this version, being Travis’ book, it was expected and the dialogue between those boys, at times, was brilliant. Shepley played his part of ‘mediator’ well. He calmed Travis when his temper flared and provided management when it was time to enter the fighting ring. He gave great advice and was the only person who could ‘safely’ present Travis with a few home truths when he needed to hear them. Besides Abby, Shepley was Travis’ rock and the bro-love between them proved a pleasant insight to the overall workings of this story.

Travis’ inner musings were laugh out loud beauty, with some fair-points made in the process. The real treat for me though was Trenton Maddox. I loved his character and would like to see him get his own book in the not too distant future. Yes Jamie McGuire, I am talking to you!! ;)

Travis Maddox fans need to read this, if anything, it’s worth it just to see how that man ticks and what made this book such a refreshing read. It’s not often we get the guy’s POV, so just for that reason alone, PICK THIS UP! You won’t be disappointed.

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