Vain by Fisher Amelie

Elizabeth - 5 handcuffs

Wow! Just wow! Ms. Amelie.... Well done! This story is powerful! new book boyfriend... I would

follow you to Uganda too! This story is nothing like I thought it would be and that is just perfect! A true

love story! Not just between a couple, but for a nightmare, for innocents, and most importantly, for


Joanne - 5 handcuffs

This book was A-fricken-mazing. It was a true testament to the human spirit. A love story, an adventure.....this book gives you everything... Drop whatever your doing and buckle up,read this book.. 

Kelly - 5 handcuffs

This book only needs one word to describe it and that is simply, Extraordinary!

It's the only word that wishes to present itself to my fractured but awed mind. Yes, this book broke me. It took me on a journey that I wasn't expecting and as much as it broke my heart, I was also utterly enthralled by it. If there is any book that can prove that one person has the potential to find growth and substance in their once fickle and nondescript life. THIS IS IT!

VAIN is a powerful story of self-discovery. It's honest, it's beautiful and it will wrench out your heart and stamp on it. I'm not going to sugar coat it, this book touches on things that many of us shy away from, mainly through sheer ignorance.

This book made ME want to be a better person!

Yes, this is a love-story but it's not conventional in the sense that it's takes centre stage. It doesn't! That is what makes this book truly exceptional. It's also about a young girl, finding love and an inner peace for herself.


Sophie Price cannot recount a day when her Mother held her in her arms and said `I Love you, and her Father's idea of parental nurturing is moulding her into the perfect business socialite. Her thirst for attention stems from a home that is governed by wealth and social standing

With friends who follow her lead, succumbing to her every whim, Sophie is the epiphany of `spoilt.' She is vindictive, Self-absorbed and... VAIN!

Her only outlet is to shop and party, and party hard she does. With wealthy friends whose parents are out of the country more than they are home, each week presents a new opportunity, - a new `Hole' to curl up in and drink, snort cocaine and screw her friend's boyfriends. Yes... not a pretty picture, but this is Sophie's life now and she can't go back.

When she gets arrested a second time for `Class A' drug possession, she knows that Judge Reinhold is going to throw the book at her. With the help of Pembrook, her family's lawyer, she holds out hope that he can get her off, just like the last time; after all, he's the best! But the Judge and Pemmy realise that if Sophie is to ever change her ways, then she needs a dose of true reality. A dose that will change Sophie's life... forever.


I have to leave it there... I don't want to give any indication of where this book leads, because it was so unexpected. I am so damn pleased that I didn't read a review before starting it. I saw the five star extravaganza unfolding and a few notifications from friends that read `Kelly, read this. NOW!' so I jumped on it right away. The synopsis is the way it is for a reason. It gives no indication and I felt the need to keep it that way.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE READ THIS BOOK. It will open your eyes to a world we wish didn't exist, but at the same time it will give you hope that mankind, when thrown into the most darkest of horrors, can still survive, can still move on, can still see beauty in the world, and finally...still learn how to love.

You will cry, you will laugh and you will swoon, my goodness... WILL YOU SWOON!

Truly outstanding!


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