Until I Break by M. Leighton
Elizabeth - 3 handcuffs



ok... so i finally got around to reading this book that was removed by the author from the shelves due to some incredible controversy....



i just don't get what the controversy was about... i mean seriously... this book is a good story, it has tension, some angst, a couple of twists... but is nowhere near controversial! If you have read Captive/Seduced in the Dark by CJ Roberts, or anything by Kitty Thomas, well this book has absolutely nothing to get you panties in a twist about! it even has an HEA!

so if you want a good story about to imperfect people with skeletons in their closet.. read this one... if you can find it!


Joanne - 4 handcuffs


I am sad that the book has been pulled. This book has one of the most original stories out today. It's a dark love story with a happily ever after. I wanted something different and I got it.


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