Unkiss Me (Angels Warriors MC Trilogy #1)

By Dawn Martens


After spending years suffering abuse at the hands of her father and protecting her baby sister, Eden Blake takes a chance. She calls on the Angels Warriors MC asking for protection just months before her father is to be released from prison. She never expected that call would bring her face to face with her past.

Jasper ‘Angel’ Hughes, President of the Angels Warriors MC, battled his way to the top. He fought his way through hell, cleaning up the mess that was once Satan’s Law MC. Wanting to serve a better purpose in life he took on the role of child protector. Protecting them from their hellish lives and getting them away from their abusers. When he gets the call to protect Eden, the first girl he ever loved, he vows to win her back and never let her go again.  

But when a new secret comes to light that Eden was hiding, will they get their Happily Ever After?

Emma - 4 Crowns




Book 1 in the Angels Warriors MC Trilogy

Eden Blake is back. After 9 years away, following the brutal murder of her mother and then a severe and serious beating from her abusive father, she once again finds herself back in her hometown along with her younger half-sister Glenna. Keeping a low profile, she has made sure that no one knew of her return except for her best friends Lilly and Hilary. She really doesn't want to bump into Jasper, her childhood sweetheart and the man that broke her heart all those years ago. When she receives word that her father is up for parole and may come after her to seek revenge, she calls on the only people that can protect her - Angels Warriors MC. What she doesn't expect is to come face to face with Jasper, bringing back all the hurt and memories from a past she has tried so hard to forget.

Jasper 'Angel' Hughes is the president of Angels Warriors. Once going by the name Satan's Law, Angel has worked hard to pull the club away from drugs, guns and women, since taking over from his father. Now the club's priorities are looking out for women and children being abused. Providing them with protection and a place to go when they have no one else. When the calls come in from Eden, Angel is blown away. This is the girl he loved fiercely, who left him without a word. A woman who he looked for, but could not find. A woman who he has been unable to forget. This maybe be his only chance to win her back, and this time he has no intentions of ever letting her go.

Will secrets and faces of the past come back to haunt them? Will they ever be able to trust and forgive each other? And when the biggest secret of all is exposed, where will that leave them?

Okay, so I need to be honest and say I have rather mixed feelings about this book and really struggled between a 3.75 and 4 crown rating. On the one hand I really enjoyed it. It was a fresh take on MC romance and it was nice to see some Alpha bikers actually being the protectors rather than the aggressors. The storyline is fast paced, showing lots of promise and the author certainly keeps you on your toes with the twists and turns she throws at you. I also liked the characters. Not just Eden and Angel who are the main focus in this book, but also Lilly, Zippo, Reaper and Hilary. This trilogy is very much about them as a group and I loved that about it. My biggest problem came with the format. Told in dual POV (My favourite type of storytelling) It flipped from past to present and back again. This was generally mid chapter and often mid paragraph. This just left me feeling confused at times and really messed with the flow of the book in my opinion. The time lines were also little off. They just felt a little muddy and that's a shame as once again it effected the flow of the book. I also found that at times the characters and story lacked the development I would have expected. Although that might come as the storyline progresses into book 2.

I am not going to be too negative though as I did enjoy this book and I jumped onto book 2 without hesitation. The ending leaves you needing more, luckily I had book 2 waiting on my kindle for me. Don't expect the normal HEA or cliffhanger. This book is a trilogy and a collective about a group of childhood friends. If you are a fan of Dawn Martens, it is very different to her Renegade Sons MC series and I can only commend her for that. It would have been very easy to fall into the same MC story patterns, let me assure you she hasn't.

A promising, but needs developing start to a MC trilogy!


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