Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

Elizabeth - 5 crowns

Holy effen moly!! WOW! F***!!! This is undeniably twisted... Undeniably raw!!! Undeniably unable to put it down till I finished it in a couple of hours! Undeniably gritty! Undeniably good!! Just effen undeniable!

Kelly - 5 crowns

Yes ladies and gents, I swear in this one… I curse and say the F-Word, but it’s all in the name of the Demon MC!

...the road to hell is paved with good intentions and he's just bought himself a one way ticket.

I need to stop reading until stupid AM, so I can actually write a full review on the same day, but I can't seem to manage it at the moment. Seriously, the last few books I have read have blown my mind to smithereens and my socks are completely unsalvageable! I'm giving out five stars like they are going out of fashion and my Husband has threatened to kidnap my Kindle and hold it to ransom! But you know what... I wouldn't change a goddamn thing! And you know why? Because thanks to a great Goodreads book recommendation and friend system, I get to find books like THIS!

I'm not one to shy away from novels that cover the darker elements of life. In all honesty, I will read pretty much anything but I think I have just found another favourite subject genre. GIVE ME BADASS BIKERS, ANYDAY! I want more, I want the next book of the Undeniable series in my hands, and I want it like, yesterday!

I admit, there are some scenes in this book that were a little uncomfortable, and as much as I warmed to Deuce in the early days, towards the end I wanted to smack him in the head, and jump his bones at the same time! Yeah, WTF is that all about?

I wanted to grab Eva and run like the clappers. She deserved so much more than what life threw at her, but she dealt with it like a goddamn hero and I loved her.

Everything about this book is intense, there are no half-measures here! It’s crass, it’s violent, and yes it has explicit sexual situations that, at times, had me clenching my fists while shouting, ‘You effin Bastard!’ But would I read this book again? YES like an AK45 motherfuckin' shot! :P

I am so pleased this is the first book of a trilogy, and I am especially looking forward to continuing with this series. If you like TV shows such as Sons of Anarchy, then this is the book for you!

I will give you one warning though, and it’s a little spoiler I guess, which I hate to do, but: (view spoiler)

I just took the joyride of my life that spanned over 30 years. I’m still windswept by it. My emotions gauge is shot to shit. But bloody hell, it was totally worth it! ;)


I just have to type this quote. Ripper is one of Deuce's boys, and he has to make a phone call...this had me literally rolling in my seat:

"Yo, Gina, babe it's Ripper...Yeah babe, I know...babe...Wait, I...No, I fuckin' apologised for that shit...BABE...yeah, through a fuckin' text message, what the fuck you want? A singing telegram...Would you just shut the fuck up and listen to me?"

Pure Class! LOL

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