Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

Sweet lord almighty what a grade A crazy train ride.... Not sure if I want Danny and Ripper committed and on meds or just want their insane, 110% jacked up love story...

Kelly - 5 crowns

I need a respirator, valium and chocolate.

...Not necessarily in that order.

Fuck! This book nearly did me in. But bloody hell, what a ride! Ripper, Deuce, Danny, Eva, Cage, Cox and Kami are back and I'm still trying to `reel` it in but I can't. My emotions are shot to shit...again! Madeline is one ballsy writer as she delivers yet another gut wrenching and passionate love story mixed with the darker elements of a crime fuelled MC underworld that, at times is just downright disturbing.

BOOK REVIEW: Unbeautifully (Undeniable #2) – Madeline Sheehan

“Ripper,” I whispered, clinging to his neck as he carried me from the bathroom into his bedroom. “I think I love you.”
Laying me gently down on his bed, he climbed over top of me and covered me with his body.
“Yeah, baby,” he whispered, sliding back inside of me. “Ain’t no other explanation for what a girl like you is doin’ in bed with a man like me.”

The prologue of Unbeautifully is set right where Undeniable ends. Danielle West is the Daughter of Deuce, the notorious Hells Horseman MC President of Montana. Having had her fair-share of disappointed hopes when it comes to their unconventional family home life, the only person she could ever find an understanding and solace in is her Brother, Cage. When he’s not out screwing anything that moves… which was almost always. Danny finds herself feeling isolated and alone.

When her ‘prom’ curfew of 11pm arrives, she is not surprised to see Ripper, her Fathers sergeant of arms waiting to escort her home. With the wind in her hair and the night still young, she doesn’t want to go home, so Ripper takes her to a quiet spot by the lake. Never having had close contact with the ‘Brothers,’ she soon finds comfort in his presence. With a flask of booze, a joint, and a skinny-dip later, things soon hot up between Ripper and Danny, as he gives her a prom night to remember.

Guilt and fear of what transpired and what its repercussions could bring have Ripper distancing himself from Danny. After all, he doesn’t wish to have his balls cut off by his Prez! Breaking the ultimate ‘Brother’ rule, he knows that no good can come from messing around with the 18-year old Danielle West.

Still re-living the nightmare of his torture at the hands of Frankie Duluva, Ripper continues to strive for balance and peace, wracked with the visions of his incarceration. And yet, somehow Danny is contending for space, as she starts to invade his every waking thought.

When the club comes under threat from an outside source, the club goes into Lockdown, and when the chemistry and pull becomes too much, Ripper and Danny both find themselves caught in a secret, passion fuelled love affair.

But like anything, actions come with consequences…
…and shit is about to get real!


How does she do it? How does Madeline Sheehan take a world that is so dark, so gritty, so undeniably wrong in so many ways, and turn it into something utterly extraordinary? Ms. Sheehan tempts and titillates my dark side, the side of me can only be excavated through works of fiction and HolyHotHarleyPistons, does she do it right!

I’m not going to lie or sugar coat this series; it’s a tough read! You need to have a seriously strong disposition to care for it - to feel a connection to the characters and yet there is no denying it; I want to grab my cut, get myself patched in on the ‘old lady’ train and hit the road. Hold on tight ladies, as this series will take you on a ride you will never forget!

Unbeautifully is written in Danny’s voice, giving her a first person narrative, while other character scenes are delivered in 3rd person, painting a clear ‘overall’ picture of what is happening on and off the stage. It’s a real treat too as it fills in many of Deuce and Eva’s time gaps, allowing us further insight of how they coped (or not as the case may be), to Eva’s kidnap and sexual attack at Frankie’s hand.

Even though Frankie is dead, he still plays a pivotal role in this second instalment as his memory still haunts all of ‘those’ he almost destroyed.

This book has the ability to shock in one moment and yet leave you sighing and breathless in the next.

Blood is spilt. Hearts are broken.

And yet…

Everything has beauty. Even the Ugly. Especially the ugly. Because without ugly, there would be no beauty.

“I love you, Madeline Sheehan.
Babe, yeah.
I really fucking do.”

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