Twisted by K. A. Robinson

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

Awwwwww sweet easy read along the lines of thoughtless and effortless...


Kelly - 4 crowns

Twisted? More like ‘Tail-spin.’ A gripping and cleverly weaved sequel that will send you on a downward spiral. Hold on tight, because life is about to get a little, ‘Twisted.’

I use the term ‘downward-spiral’ loosely, but in no uncertain terms do I mean the writing, I’m referring to the scene after dramatic scene that shapes this page-turning sequel and one that has catapulted K.A. Robinson into the list of best-selling ‘new’ writers of 2013.

Twisted has a totally different vibe to Torn. Whereas Torn was a college based love triangle between the ‘best friend’ and the ‘promiscuous bad-boy lead rock vocalist.’ Twisted takes Chloe and Drakes endeavours to a completely different level.


We knew that the beginning of Twisted was going to focus on the ‘twisted’ relationship between Chloe and her Mother, but I wasn’t quite prepared to the level of which the author was going to take it. Child abuse is a subject that I find hard to swallow, even in a work of fiction and I found myself hating this woman with a passion, almost immediately. With the looming possibility that Chloe’s Aunt is soon to lose her battle to cancer, she finds herself in a difficult position. Her Mother asks her to visit her sister with the promise that she will soon inherit a large fortune, if Chloe was to ‘put in a good word,’ and show that this one leopard has finally changed her spots. Chloe, wishing to see her dying aunt has no choice but to heed to her wishes.

Seeing her Aunt, although sick, and her cousin Danny again reminded Chloe of ‘good-times and better-days’ and when Jordan, Danny’s best friend and Chloe’s ex-boyfriend makes a reappearance things easily fall back into a rhythm of old as the friends reconnect once more.

With Drake’s band ready to go out on the road and commence their tour, Chloe is left with Jordan and Danny to help care for her sick aunt. Then, that dreaded day arrives. With a funeral to plan, her alcoholic Mother disappearing for days and a jealous boyfriend, things start to take a tumble in Chloe’s world as life starts to get very complicated.

Things take an epic turn when the Will is read, and Chloe’s Mum spits blood. With threats looming, an ex hook-up of Drake’s on the stalker list and a friend with ulterior motives, it all starts to get too much.

Drake is struggling with the gruelling tour schedule and a cold bed. He wants Chloe by his side, but she has a new rock in the form of Jordan, and Drake never was one to share. When ‘Kadi the stalker’ provides him with some damning evidence, Drake and Chloe’s world is about to come crashing down and Drake only knows of one outlet, but one that could destroy them both, forever.


K.A. Robinson has done it again! I loved Torn, and Twisted certainly didn’t disappoint. Her double POV unfolded effortlessly with each scene flowing on from the next with just enough angst to keep the reader entertained, but without unnecessary embellishment. The plot didn’t drag and the dialogue was believable and witty, making this a riveting read that exuded a darker vibe than the first.

The Epilogue was pure swoonworthy beauty, and on that basis alone, I think it’s safe to say that Drakeyboy has definitely hit the book boyfriend list. Brilliant!

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