Turn to Me (Kathleen Turner, #2) by Tiffany A. Snow

Kelly - 5

It's no secret that Blane and Kathleen are in love, however voicing their true feelings is something that neither of them are yet comfortable with. After all, Blane is in a different league, and Kat continually feels unworthy of his attentions. With Kandi...with an i, still in the throes of 'making her claim', she believes her time with Blane is limited

But, when Kathleen's life becomes endangered due to Blane's latest case, he makes a phone call to his half Brother, Kade. He is the only person he trusts to protect Kat, and he's not taking NO for an answer.

Kade makes it obvious that he didn't sign up for Bodyguard duties, and their relationship becomes strained right from the offset. As time develops, and Blane makes the decision to slow down and take a step back from their relationship, to protect her from the person wanting to 'send Blane a message', Kat suddenly realises that she is alone, with only Kade for company.

When her life takes a dramatic turn and her mortality hangs in the balance, Kade and Blane both band together in order to fight to protect the one thing they love...



Tiffany A. Snow has a new fan in me. I have devoured both, 'No Turning Back' and 'Turn to Me' within the last few days, and I cannot emphasise enough how good these books are.

Okay, I appreciate that they are not for everyone, and the amount of times this poor girl gets hit over the head is enough to get the reader even reaching for the Advil. Nevertheless, this story is gripping, compelling, and at times, heart-wrenching.

Kade... oh sweet lord, what a character. The tortured soul we all love to save. He has definitely hit the top ten boyfriend list.

Blane grated on me a little in this book, and I found my attentions slipping more towards the dark, brooding Brother, which was obviously the author's intention, and it was delivered with honest angst and beautiful flow that made it impossible to view Kat as anything other than a good, strong heroine and not the woman who was turning two Brothers inside out.

A very well written love triangle, that will hopefully be stepped up another notch in the 3rd instalment. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, I can't help it. ;)

Absolutely Brilliant!

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