Truth by Aleatha Romig

Elizabeth - 4 handcuffs

Ok... I had to let this book simmer a bit in my psyche before review... My delicate almost crushed psyche. Thanks a lot ms. Romig. Where can I forward my therapy bills?

Book one totally murdered my psyche...until the last pages. Then it ignited a fire within me to rush straight into this book. I ran into the flames. I jumped in the deep end of the pool.... I need a tshirt stating I survived these books. These books, this story... Tony the sociopath evil monster and Claire the lost soul will make you scream, cry, shudder, smile, and make you want to commit crimes....

Book three... I will be medicated until it exists... Plz ms. Romig... Take pity on your dedicated readers... :/


Kelly - 5 handcuffs

Prepare to buckle up and take a twisty-turny ride with this fast-paced, powerful, strategic page-turner of a sequel.

Yes, Aleatha Romig has hit the ball out of the park again! But I am delighted to announce that this time, my once tattered and torn mind remains fully intact. Whereas Consequences left me numb, Truth has ‘somewhat’ pacified. I’m not saying parts of this book is a walk in that ball park, it certainly isn’t as some events had me gripping my kindle in annoyance and frustration, but what is great about this second instalment is the vibe - it’s a total contrast to Consequences; a refreshing transformation as I embraced Claire’s newfound strength and freedom.

Anthony Rawlings’ character was all-consuming in Consequences, that I truly hated him. But… in ‘Truth’ he takes a little backseat in the earlier pages as we follow Claire as she adapts to her time in Prison, and her initial disbelief at being pardoned and released early. Her freedom should be a time of celebration and yet she knows that Anthony would never have agreed to her untimely release. Running from the enemy that is her ex-Husband, whose resources are unlimited, is the biggest challenge that Claire will ever face - except, she’s not bowing down this time as she puts on her investigator hat and delves deep into Anthony’s past. As her findings start to prove damaging, she knows she can’t go at this alone. Investing in the help of Simon’s ex-fiancé Amber and her Brother Harry, they start to unravel the mystery that is the Rawlings/Rawl’s empire.

However, Anthony isn’t giving up that easily. A part of his vendetta has been played, his promise fulfilled. She has suffered sufficiently and regardless of his past sins and Claire’s inability to ‘do as her told,’ the façade wasn’t all a fallacy. He wants her back and he will stop at nothing to get his way…

As new characters are introduced and a back-story unfolds, we learn that what we think is the ‘Truth’ may not always appear as it seems, especially when you don’t know who you can trust. Many questions that reared its head in Consequences are answered in this strategically ‘game of chess’ natured sequel as the pieces move and fall. Will she take the king? Will he take the queen? And who will make it first to, ‘checkmate?’


I knew this would hit the 5-star shelf. How could it not? Aleatha Romig is one clever lady! I felt myself going through a transition period while reading this. I won’t deny that some aspects proved predicable as I guessed correctly at a few things, but what’s truly remarkable is Anthony Rawlings was my public enemy number 1. I despised this man! But by the end of this book, I felt my loyalties waning as my allegiance started to make a 180 turn. I’m not all the way there and not totally convinced… but there could be hope for Mr Rawlings yet!


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