Trusting Nicole (Last Hangman MC Book 4)

by Muriel Garcia 


Book 4 in The Last Hangman MC series. Each book follows a new set of characters. However, due to previous storylines that are referred to quite heavily in this book, I recommend you read the series in the order in which it was written to enjoy this book fully.

Jason Sanders is a cop with the New Orleans Police Dept. He has also become a prominent player in a battle between 3 MC's. On good terms with The last Hangman MC, at the end of book 3 he paid the ultimate price for his behind closed doors dealings. Now mourning the death of his wife at the hands of evil, he not only has to pitch himself within the MC's, but also convince his colleagues to see the bigger picture rather than just suspect him as being corrupt.

Nicole Lyle grew up surround by the Hangman family. Her older brother Gabe protected her following the death of her parents and has ensured that her life is free of the heavy burdens that he has carried. But you can't protect forever and one fatal night has haunted Nicole ever since. It is a secret that she has managed to keep to herself due to the help of one person. But that secret may just be about to catch up with all those involved.

Secrets will be revealed and debts must be paid. Can Jason finally show his hand? And can he trust Nicole to understand it? And when a common threat finally makes his presence known, will either be left standing?

This is yet another different book from Muriel Garcia. Unlike the other books in the series, this book follows characters on the periphery of the club, but that also play an integral part in the story arc as a whole. It is a twisted story of love, loss, trust and betrayal. The secrets that come out will have you reeling and I for one did not see it coming.

Did I like the story.. Yes I did. But if I am being honest it didn't hit the same highs as Aleck or Gabe's book for me. The story just didn't flow quite as well either. I am not sure if that was down to the characters or their shared back story. I do know that some of it just didn't sit well with me. That being said, Muriel Garcia is really growing with every book and she is certainly able to write a story packed with twists, turns and high suspense.

Trusting Nicole is a good addition to this series and one that continues a story arc that is developing interestingly with each instalment. If you like you MC stories to be heavy on club life with a side helping of romance, it is a series for you.

Emma - 3.75 Crowns

Jason Sanders hasn’t had the easiest of lives. Growing up he had all he could ever want, except for two very important people: his parents. The day he lost them was the day his life became a chaotic mess. A mess that still haunts him today. 
Due to his association with three of the most prominent MCs in Louisiana, the entire New Orleans Police Department suspect him to be a corrupt cop, little do they know what’s really going on behind closed doors. 
At the start, he hated every single biker. They had made his existence a living hell for the past four years. Now? Now, they have fast become a permanent fixture in his life and are the closest thing to a family he’s had since that day. 

Thanks to her big brother, Nicole Lyle grew up surrounded by the Last Hangman MC and loved every second of it. They were always there for her, supporting her, protecting her, except for one night. One disastrous night causes Nicole to do the one thing she never thought herself capable of, causing her life to become a devastating mess. A mess she wishes she could have avoided. 

What happens when Jason and Nicole’s pasts catch up to them and threaten to ruin their futures? 

How will Nicole’s older brothers, Gabe and Aleck, cope with the details of their younger sister’s torrid past? 

Will Nicole be able to help Jason heal or is he beyond fixing? 

Will Jason be able to take a leap of faith and trust Nicole?

Elizabeth- 4 Crowns

This book continues the story of the Last Hangman Mc with the story of Jason Sanders. 
He is the "cop" that has been helping the MC, and others, more than the MC is aware of.
His story is twisted with lies, deceit and tragedy, more so than the others.

His story is super twisted, even with Nicole, Gabe and Alecks little sister.. and no one even knew...

The story starts our immediately after book 3 ends. Jason's wife Jenny was murdered in the stand off of the last book.
Nicole is being very supportive of Jason, throughout funeral, and days after... she is a good friend to him. Or is it more??
There are so many secrets that come out in this book, that there is no way I am going to leak it here!! lol
Just know that Jason, has some serious backstory, that bleeds right into his present, and Nicole is all mixed up in it as well!!

great read!

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