True Love Story by Willow Aster

Elizabeth - 4

Oh oh oh oh.... This story.... My heart was pulverized.... It hurt hurt hurt... Omg! So real.... So true.... Ian Ian Ian... You bled me dry... I couldn't breathe... By your hurt, your pain, and your love.... (Sigh)

Kelly - 4

The first thing that inspired me to pick up this new release is the cover, I mean come on, just look at it. It has a sinister edge and as the ultimate ‘angst whore,’ I just knew this book had my name all over it.

From the opening chapter I knew this was going to be one hell of a ride – the tension in that aeroplane was palpable and if I’m truly honest, I didn’t quite know what to make of Sparrow’s elusive coldness, maybe because my sight was blinded by the hot guitarist/songwriter, because YEP! Mr Ian Sterling’s charms sucked me in from the get-go.

But…then the backstory unfolds and immediately I warmed to Sparrow, her innocence and naivety was endearing enough to keep me turning the pages.

My only gripe is that it seemed to take a while to really 'get-going', I anticipated a faster progression, as Ian’s character flittered a lot, leaving Sparrow at a loss most days, almost stagnant, so for me personally, it just seemed to dull in the belly a little. However, I realise now that Willow Aster was lulling me in to a false sense of security as the love between Ian and Sparrow becomes so passionate, so all-consuming and real, to then have it crash around you at 80%. Yes… this is when the text catches up with the cover, and BAM! Emotional turmoil, heartbreak and rage consumes the reader, drowning you in complete and utter despair.

There is no denying that Willow Aster is an incredible writer. The emotion she projects from pen to page is exceptional and fans of AL Jackson and Colleen Hoover will appreciate how important and magical that is. Ian’s love letters portray hurt and desperation that I have never quite experienced before as a reader, not of that magnitude. It flowed like poetry and it was a joy to experience, (like I said…’Angst Whore!)

Due to the nature of the events, I truly didn’t know how this book was going to end and I loved that aspect of it, it kept me guessing until the closing stages - one that I might add, I was more than satisfied with.

True Love Story is a passionate, heart-warming story of personal growth, love, trust, loss and redemption and one worthy of the Princesses '4 crown' display cabinet.

Read it!

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