Troubles and Treats by Tara Sivec

Elizabeth - 5 crowns

Hallelujah praise Paula Abdul!!!!!!! This is the funniest and best book!! OMG! My hubby thought I had lost the few screws remaining in my head with all the laughing I did while reading this!! Way to go Ms. Sivec! Well played!

Kelly - 5 crowns

Tara Sivec is a true comic genius! Not only can she successfully deliver line after line in true comedic form but to continue the hilarity across three books without it getting ‘old’ is an incredible achievement. Not only is she a talented writer but I have also come to the conclusion that she is, ‘Mad as a Box of Frogs!’

I for one love Frogs and I love Tara Sivec.

We fast-forward six years in Troubles and Treats, as we follow the craziness that is Drew and Jenny Parritt. Now parents to two kids, while holding down demanding jobs and an ever-growing mountain pile of housework, Drew and Jenny’s once normal insatiable love for kink in the bedroom has taken a swan-dive and the only action that sex swing is getting is from a 3 month old baby when he needs a good rock back to sleep at 2am! HA. Yeah… no kidding!

With full-on support from their best friends, Drew and Jenny realise that they need a little help in finding that special spark they shared all those years ago…the spark that once ignited in public bathroom stalls, and against ass-churning tree trunks, and with inanimate objects that demanded A&E intervention…

Follow this extreme bunch in this epic 3rd instalment but word of warning ladies, be prepared to laugh until your uterus breaks! And can I just say very quickly…’I LOVE MY VAGINA!’ Phew, now that’s out the way, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Tara Sivec for the many belly laughs of recent months, my pelvic floor however, doesn’t thank you at all, it’s shot to shit – but I wouldn’t want it any other way. ;)

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