Trouble by Samantha Towle


Mia Monroe is running. Running from a person she doesn’t ever want to find her. Running from a past she doesn’t ever want anyone to know. Desperate to find a future, that yesterday, she could only dream of having. 


Jordan Matthews likes easy. Easy women. Easy life. Then he meets Mia. She’s damaged, troubled and has more baggage than any person can carry. But the more Jordan gets to know Mia-for the first time in his life-he finds himself wanting to try hard for something … for someone … for her.


And then life isn’t so easy anymore. Jordan is everything Mia shouldn’t want. A whole bunch of dirty hotness, tattooed, cocky bad boy, who made his money at poker tables and picked his women up in bars. Yet, Mia finds herself falling for him.


Then the past Mia was running from, quickly starts to catch up with her. Because that’s the problem with running … you have to stop sometime. And when you stop, you get caught.


Full length New Adult Contemporary Romance. Recommended Reading Age 18+





Kelly - 4.5 Crowns



Trouble is a poignant and deeply moving story of one girl’s fight for freedom and a reformed bad-boy seeking redemption. This is one epic love story that I will cherish for a while to come. The perfect standalone read. - Kelly - Perusing Princesses


If you are looking for a poignant standalone with the perfect blend of darkness and light, then look no further.


What a book!


I read this in one Saturday afternoon/evening sitting. From the prologue to the epilogue, Trouble proved almost impossible to step away from as I felt myself get completely immersed in Mia and Jordan's story.


Mia’s voice is heartbreaking. Her story will push boundaries of comfortability as it covers some very disturbing subject matters; predominantly both mental and physical abuse. Her victimisation is given to us in scattered scenes, some based in the present, others in flashback form taken from her childhood, following through into young adulthood. Don’t let this deter you though, because overall this book also gave off a fun vibe with a male protagonist to die for.


Jordan's voice is just pure gold. This guy had me rolling in my reading chair with his little tirades, providing a welcome reprieve to the darker backdrop of the story. I just loved him. He’s a little shit, but he’s a gorgeous little shit who is harboring a multitude of hurt and guilt, yet deep down he has a heart of gold and an inner will to reform. It provided the perfect character combination - of how two people hurting, both in different ways, connect on a level that is new to them both.




Mia has never felt relief such as the day her Father died. The respected heart surgeon loses his own battle as he dies of a cardiac arrest - it should have been tragic, but to Mia it’s almost poetic, for he was also her abuser. So how is it, a month or so after the loss of the man who made her life a painful misery, does she meet another one just like him? Forbes is good-looking, comes from money and a law student. Everything was perfect in the beginning, until that one pivotal moment when he backhanded her, catapulting her back into a world she thought she had left behind.


When Mia finds a secret file locked within her Father’s desk, her world comes to a crashing halt when she discovers that the Mother she believed to be dead, is still very much alive.


“You know the saying ‘from bad to worse’? Well, my situation is kind of like that, but more like ‘from worse, to a diluted version of worse, but still shit nonetheless."


With only an address to go by, Mia floors it out of Boston after another beating from Forbes and makes her way to Colorado. She is on a mission to find her missing Mother and seek answers as to why anyone would leave their child in the hands of an abusive man.


Arriving at a desolate hotel is a little unnerving, but no more so than the guy in reception. The very cute, dark, tattooed guy who looks like he could eat her for breakfast. She is terrified but intrigued by him nonetheless.


Jordan has never been one to shy away from female attention, he’s had more girls in his bed than hot dinners, but something tells him that this beautiful young woman in front of him is different, as she hides nervously behind dark sunglasses. When it comes to hotel patrons, all bets are off. He’s already learnt the hard way and he doesn’t need another reason to disappoint his Father.


When his dog ‘Dozer’ goes missing, Mia extends an invitation to help Jordan find him. Venturing through the woods towards the road, Mia finds the large mastiff under a tree, where it becomes obvious that he has been hit by a car. Her 2nd year medical training skills come in handy as she makes a splint for his broken leg, and helps Jordan get him safely to the vet.


Immediately, her smart and selfless personality creates a bond as Jordan finds himself taken with a woman for the very first time. Mia has never had a friend so it feels good to talk to Jordan, as she comes clean about her ‘black-eye’ and the reasons behind her trip to Colorado.


Jordan decides to help Mia find her Mother, how hard can it be? His Dad is an ex-cop with connections and its the least he can do after the way she helped with Dozer.


Becoming friends is one thing, but to want a person more that breath is something else entirely as friendship lines start to blur. Throughout all their faults, Jordan and Mia do not judge, they accept each-other in ways nobody ever has before. Intimacy becomes inevitable as they both succumb to the undeniable pull. Yet falling in love was never part of the plan... especially when ‘trouble’ lies just around the corner.




Mia is a very complicated character, it’s not surprising given her upbringing, yet throughout it all she remained completely selfless. Her kindness to others given her recent past was commendable, although the inner hate she harbors for herself rivalled those who abused her and that notion upset me.


Enter the hero... Jordan. He had a very ‘Travis Maddox’esque’ way about him, so of course, I loved him. His male POV is epic! He is such a crass little shit, but you can’t help but laugh at how his horndog mind works. This is what I’m talking about:


‘Mia might be the hottest girl I have ever seen... okay, she is the hottest girl I have ever seen in life, and the sweetest.

And I’m so horny for her that my dick actually hurts. It motherfucking hurts.

But the girl’s got enough to deal with. And me spending an invariable amount of time around a hot girl that I cannot put my dick’s just not possible.

I might as well be in prison.

Or hell.

That’s it, I’m in hell.

This is payback for the chick I banged who was married.

Okay, I lied before. I totally knew she was married when I tapped that.”


Samantha Towle nailed it! I laughed up these scenes with relish, and trust me when I say there is more than one. I particularly liked the pissing contest scene with his dog, that just killed me. Seriously funny guy! Yet there are many facets to the young man who used to gamble and screw around, it just takes one amazingly strong and brave woman to see it.


I highly recommend this book, as it’s not often I read a novel in one-sitting but Trouble hit every nerve. It went from angsty to heartfelt in a heartbeat, and provided me with closure on a story that I couldn't seem to let go of. The perfect standalone read!











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