Touch Me by Olivia Cunning

Elizabeth - 4 handcuffs

WTH?!?! Oh helllllllll NOOOOOO!! She did not just end it like that ....HELL NOOOOO!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr....... Can't even rate it.... Seriously?! Ugh! 


Kelly - 4 handcuffs

No one does rockstar ‘erotica’ quite like Olivia Cunning. She makes no apologies and there are certainly no half measures, it is simply… ‘gang-ho,’ ‘balls-out,’ sexual debauchery at it’s finest. And, I get a front row seat every damn time!

Touch Me focuses on Sole Regret’s bass player, Owen Mitchell. Once the overweight, chubby kid in High-School, his younger days were full of disappointed hopes, as he wore his heart on his sleeve and formed emotional attachments all to easily only to have his trust broken, time and time again. Now, years later, he is ‘poster boy buff’ with a sexual prowess that would make the Virgin Mary weep.

Not one to believe in conventional relationships, the only thing they are good for is getting your heart broken. Witnessing it first hand, as Kellen, his best-friend and rhythm guitarist continues to struggle over the loss of Sara, his soul mate, who sadly lost her battle to cancer a couple of years ago.

Kellen has remained Owen’s only main consistency in life – the ultimate best friend. Feeling the loss of the ‘old’ Kellen all too poignantly, Owen starts to question his affections towards him, especially after dabbling in a little playtime together in the past. And yet Kellan has made it perfectly clear those times are now over.

Anonymous sex is an outlet, as he sees it as a form of gaining back some control. Owen has done it all. Well…so he believes.

When he rocks up at the latest new sex club with a VIP invitation, he clocks her sitting alone in the corner, her inexperience and man-hate vibes all too evident in the closed space.

Caitlyn is still waiting for the ink on her divorce papers to dry. After finding her college lecturer husband entertaining a 19 year old Student over his desk, Caitlyn needs closure and what better way to say ’screw you’ to your ex, than playing out your sexual fantasies and having mad, crazy sex with a total stranger.

When Owen introduces himself, Caitlyn is surprised that a beautiful 20-something year old could find her 34 years attractive, and yet as they talk animatedly, she believes she has found the perfect play partner to make her fantasies come true. And Owen is all to willing to prove he’s the right man for the job.

But he didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. To enjoy her…

Except Caitlin is no groupie. She hates metal music and as a professional career driven CEO and life realist, Owen may just find that his ‘one night only’ with a real woman, may not be enough…

When their bond grows stronger, and Caitlin starts to question her boring life choices, wants and needs…BAM! A face from recent past makes a shocking revelation and sends Sole Regret into a state of chaos. Now, Caitlyn must make a decision - is she ready to live life to the full, throw caution to the wind and give this new blossoming romance a chance? Or cut her losses and head back home to her professional wardrobe of conservative suits and tweed jackets?


Wow, Olivia threw us for a loop with this one – HOLY CLIFFHANGER! She has never given us a cliffy and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Considering the Sole Regret series are novellas I was surprised by the decision.

Regardless, I enjoyed Owen and Caitlin’s book immensely, and as always, Olivia leaves me wanting more.

Kellan’s book is next and I am really excited to see where that leads. Out of all the novellas, I get a distinct impression that’s going to be the emotional tear-jerker. I want that lost boy found, and I know Olivia Cunning is the right person to do it.

Her writing is magnificent; her sexual scenes explicit yet pleasurable. Get the batteries on charge and the scuba pants out again, ladies. You are going to need them. ;)


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