Torn by K. A. Robinson

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

This book was a sweeter version of reckless... Really sweet and easy read... 


Kelly - 4.5 crowns

K.A. Robinson has entered the contemporary young romance, self-published building. It's time to roll out the red carpet and give her a big round of applause, because her debut just consumed my whole afternoon and evening - to put it simply, I couldn't PUT IT DOWN!

It takes a lot of courage, self-belief and dedication to go the full literary length and put that pen to paper, and it's obvious K.A. Robinson has poured her heart and soul into making her dream a reality. Her passion for reading contemporary romance shines through as do her influences, and it was a pleasure to finally get to meet Drake, Logan and Chloe.

Okay, so yes it is self-published and there are a few spelling errors with some sentences needing further structure work but the premise was great and the dialogue was witty, heartfelt and at times, had me laughing out loud. Think 'Beautiful Disaster' meets ‘Taking Chances’ and we have the makings of a whole new book Love Child.

Torn is a college-based romance. It is a love-triangle. And...yes, it does involve cheating, but as far as I’m concerned these make for the best angst-fuelled, heart in your throat book journeys and I’m a sucker for them. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine and K.A. Robinson hit every goddamn nerve!

Logan: The beautiful, caring, dedicated best-friend
Drake: The tattooed, pierced, mustang driving, promiscuous, rock band vocalist.

Is there any competition?

Well of course there is. Like Chloe, you fall in-love with them both. But as we all know, three has a tendency to make a crowd.

'Three in the bed, and the little one said... Fuck off!' :P

Originally built on foundations of friendship, this threesome is about to get tested, pushed to the brink as loyalties and moral lines blur. Will their friendship last the test of time as emotions and unrequited feelings invade, or are they about to get...Torn.

Follow Chloe as she discovers that college is about to get a whole lot more... complicated. 

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