Tormented (Scorpio Stinger MC #4)

by Jani Kay


Book 4 in the Scorpio Stinger MC series. It could be read as a standalone, however, there are some situations that are referred to that happen in the previous books. To get a better understanding of the overall story arc, as well as the characters, I suggest you read the book in the order in which they were written.

Harrison is a man consumed by his past. A cop, he has previously used his authority to confront the aggressors and those he believes are to blame for the murder of his girlfriend and unborn child many years ago. With a hate for all things related to the MC world, he has found it particularly difficult to stand back and watch his younger sister Jade fall in love with the VP of a club that he works hard to shut down. He has done his sister wrong, and although unrepentant he has also done Ryder wrong. So things became a whole lot interesting when Eva, Ryder’s half-sister fell into his bed.

Eva is an independent, successful business woman. Engaged to be married to a Senator, she had the life most people only dream about… until her life fell apart. Finding herself alone when her fiancé’s infidelities were exposed, she took comfort in getting to know a half-brother she only recently knew existed. What she didn't expect was the attraction she feels for a man that hates her brother with a passion. A man that is dark and damaged, and one that thrives on control. But relinquishing control to him is the easiest part, it’s climbing the walls around his heart that will be the biggest challenge of all.

Okay, so as I have already mentioned, situations from the previous books do cross over into this read. Harrison is someone we have got to know pretty well. Love or hate him, no one can disagree that he is totally fucked up. Is there a level of sympathy… of course, however for any fan of this series and of Ryder and Jade, you know his journey to redemption will be a huge mountain for him to climb. Eva really comes into it with fresh eyes. She sees Harrison for the damaged man he is. Of course, alarm bells sound constantly, but the Harrison she get to see that no one else does encourages her to take the risk, not just with her body but with her heart as well.

If I am being honest, this book didn't quite hold the magic that the previous 3.5 books have. I'm not sure if that was because Harrison’s character is someone that as a reader you have mixed feeling about, or whether it was too light on interaction with the MC. It just felt a little rushed and sex heavy in places and I kind of hoped that we would get a lot more Ryder interference than we did. Having said that, as we approached the meaty part of the read it got a lot more exciting and for want of a better word… gritty. It has certainly left me excited as to the pathway Harrison takes going forward and how his life and interaction with his brother-in-law will turn out.

Another interesting twist in the Scorpio MC series, if not a little light on MC action. I now look forward to heading back to the club house and the havoc that is bound sure to be Razor’s love life.

Emma  - 3.5 Crowns

Can there be redemption for a man with a tortured soul and a twisted heart?

Anger and hatred taint my soul.
I hate bikers. Especially Ryder Knox, VP of the Scorpio Stinger MC, a foulmouthed biker and the one my little sister, Jade, has fallen for. 
Man against man, the biker and I fight for our beliefs, neither giving in. 

A tragic loss when I was much younger changes the course of my life, leaving me with rage and fury in my heart and my gut. There is no room for love. 
I make it my life's work as a cop to wipe out the scum of the earth. It’s my singular focus. My passion. Nothing else matters. I don’t want anything more. No relationships, no family of my own to distract me.

Until I meet Ryder's sister, Eva. She's off limits, but despite my best intentions, I just can’t get the dark haired beauty out of my mind. I need Eva to submit to me and give me the control I so desperately crave. 

Can Eva tame the beast in me and make me human again? Can she help me redeem myself for what I put Jade and Ryder through? 

Or is HELL the only place for a man like me. A man so twisted and tortured? A beast?

Harrison. Dark. Broody.
Definitely tormented.
A beast? 

Maybe he is, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting him. On some deep level we connect—I see past the damaged outer into his very soul. Can I be the one to crack through his hardened heart and bring out the real man inside he’s hiding—even from himself? 

Is there redemption for a man like Harrison Summers? 
Or will he drag me straight into hell with him? 

Elizabeth  - 4 Crowns

Jani Kay gives us the story of Harrison and Eva....

This is Ryders new found little sister Eva, And Jades older brother... it is a mess because Ryder hates Harrison (who is a cop and on a mission to annihilate any MC groups) .... Jade and Ryder are deeply upset at the loss of their child that although was an accident, Harrison was involved. And then it gets even worse, as Eva is the ex fiancé of the senator who is obsessed with her, but also her very very wealthy father can't stand Harrison who will go out of his way to get him away from his daughter! so yeah... total mess!!! 

Add to it that Harrison is a controlling (and i do mean beyond the normal and right into BDSM territory) man who wants Eva to submit to him, mind, body and soul... but not her heart. He wants nothing to do with it because he is heartless since his girlfriend and unborn child were murdered by gunfire from an MC.... 

Anyone of those and Eva should have just run away, changed her name, and had plastic surgery to change her appearance because this is a no win situation! But Eva... oh EVAAAAAAAA!!! the heart has a mind of its own.. and since hers was shattered by the cheating S.O.B. senator... it needs to be taken care of, even if that is done thru mind exploding sex and Harrisons own flavor of taking care of his submissive to be... it all translates into love for Eva.. and as much as she tries to not fall for him... it is impossible..

Harrison gets to get his head out of his Arse fast when fate and crazy men step in and make sure Eva is not going to be his...
Can he do it?? Will he admit that he has a heart and it belongs to Eva?? hmmmmmmmm.... read it and find out! lol 

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