Tie Me (Sole Regret, #5) by Olivia Cunning
Kelly - 4 handcuffs

Kellen' s character certainly spoke to my soul. This beautiful boy lost his way five years ago when his heart was shattered by the death of his beloved, Sara. At only twenty-four he had to watch the woman he adored perish before his eyes as cancer stole her from him, cutting her life all too short.


A cuff on his wrist and a yellow painted beach house are the only two things that remain of her memory and Kellen can't bear to part with either.


When the band has a night off, Kellen visits the house he shared for one special week with Sara but doesn't venture inside. He can't. It’s still too raw. The assault of memories too painful, as he finally makes the toughest decision of his life…

To let go.


Tossing the cuff into the sea should have been the end if it, only for it to wash up by his feet ten seconds later.

When piano notes filter through the window of the house next door, Kellen cannot help but feel drawn to the beautiful melody as he continues to move toward the sound.

The composer is Grammy Award winner Dawn O'Reilly. She has one day left to present a full musical score for the end credits of a movie and she's struggling with the last few scales.

When a raging storm graces the shoreline, she offers Kellen refuge inside when she spots him listening under her window. That's after he promises he's not a crazy axe murderer!

Instantly, Dawn's talent and passion for writing music captivates Kellen, as they start to form a connection over French toast and writers block.

It's not long before the lights go out and Dawn and Kellen are left to explore all the possibilities of this special newfound connection, in the dark!

When it's obvious that each find the other attractive, things take a very unexpected turn when Kellen opens up about his past, his loss, his pain and the promises he made to Sara and how he is bound by them.

Dawn knows that he is less bound and more imprisoned by those promises and she knows there is only one way of letting go, of moving on, and that's by relinquishing control and giving him back the power, as she allows him to show her his gift of Shibari.

Tying this beautiful woman up affected him more than he would like to admit and when excitement quickly turns to lust, they walk a precarious path, with Kellen only having so much in the way of self-control.

Can Dawn help untie these bonds that are knotted so tightly around his heart, or will she be able to free him, even if it’s just for one night only...?


This is definitely the most beautifully written and more romantic of the series so far. Kellen, the broken boy needed his own story and I knew it was going to be the gutwrencher of them all, but surprisingly, Olivia gave it such a beautiful backdrop that it felt more like the beginning of a beautiful romance, then just a lust-fueled connection between two souls. It felt more believable. More Organic. I do believe that you can connect with a person soon after meeting them, and this story had a slower build than the others. The pace was perfect considering the novella length, so I think Olivia really nailed it with this one.

I still can’t help have my reservations about Lindsey. She’s pissing on my Sole Regret parade, so I would like to know where that is going to go, but I guess we will find out soon enough…

Top Job O.C!​




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