This Girl by COlleen Hoover
Elizabeth - 4.5 crowns

Butterfly 4.5 crowns!!!! Butterfly amazing!!! butterfly sweet!!!! butterflingly best ending of a series ever!!!! Omg I am in luv with their love and their story... Seriously ms Colleen you are in a butterfly category of your own!!! Butterfly thank you from my should for this book and for your amazing mind!

Kelly - 5 crowns




Just a small example of the myriad of emotions this book and that epic epilogue has instilled in me.

Colleen Hoover has achieved the impossible... she has perfected perfection.

‘This Girl is Butterflying perfect-ed’.

And how do you perfect perfection?
Quite simply… You can’t!
Because once something is so perfect,
So faultless,
It’s almost impossible to discover imperfection within it.

To unearth elements of a perfect story for it then to be re-processed in order to be ‘further’ perfected upon is simply…

…Unless you are Colleen Hoover and don a literary genius superhero cape of pure Butterflying gold,
Then yeah… it just goes to prove that anything is possible.

Slammed and Point of Retreat have remained on my 5-star awe-inspiring shelf for a year now, I read them back to back and absolutely fell in love with not only the characters, but Colleen as a writer. Will and Lake’s plight is still one that has remained with me throughout my ever-growing ‘Read’ and ‘TBR’ list. Stamping itself firmly within my book loving beating heart as I embraced these characters, witnessed them both struggle to overcome their forbidden love; resonating soundly of a modern day Romeo and Juliet. The emotion, the heartache, the passion, the confusion, everything that Colleen gave us, she gave with heart. You know from the offset that every structured sentence, every paragraph, every quote, every rhyme was not only given in true earnest and adoration, but with soul.

In ‘This Girl’ we get the best of both worlds. We are treated to further scene interaction set in present time as Will and Lake enjoy quality time alone on their Honeymoon and we get to snuggle down in-between the sheets (relatively speaking), with Will as he reveals his thoughts and feelings of how Lake captured his interest that day when she moved in across the street, as he retells his story to his wife, divulging the biggest secrets of his heart. And wow, what a heart that boy has. He is too good to be true. Only boys in books are this perfect, but do you know what, so what! Reading is my escapism, the ultimate getaway and with Colleen’s written works you know you have just bought into first class luxury.

This book is advertised as ‘Slammed from Will’s point of view’ but actually, it’s so much more than that. Imagine being given a magic key that opens a door of memories – well that is what this book is. It’s a Will Cooper memoir. Not only does he give us further insight into all the best scenes of Slammed and Point of Retreat, but it reveals a few hidden secrets.

In this book we re-live in minute detail the scenes we all know and fell in love with, but it’s the epilogue, my goodness that epilogue. It was pure swoonworthy beauty. I am officially branding it the crème de la crème of epilogues and what categorically propelled this beautifully crafted modern day romance on my 5-star awe-inspiring shelf next to the other two.

Will loves emphatically, and I love him for it. He is the epitome of book boyfriend perfection, so it was only fitting that he got his say. A naked shower Will was good too. It scratched an itch without being too explicit. That’s the magic of Colleen’s writing; she can project love and passionate emotion without the need for graphic detail. Unlike many others on the market today, this book stands strong without it.

You MUST read Slammed and Point of Retreat first to fully appreciate the characters and how far they have both come. The struggles and sacrifices that have been made are fully appreciated in this special 3rd instalment, making it an absolute must read if you loved the first two.

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