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BOOK REVIEW – The Two Kings (Afterlife saga #2) – Stephanie Hudson




HA! Okay, so you get the picture, book two in the Afterlife saga has finally been released and Keira and Dominic Draven are now a very unconventional human vs. Demon/Angel demi-god couple. Unconventional being the height of emphasis here, because we learn something pretty special in book two – Dominic isn’t just the leader of the Supernatural world that reside within our realm as they walk and exist among us – he is their King. His word is law. His mission: to maintain a balance of Light and Darkness. Good vs. Evil. However, the scales have recently tipped, due to some extra added weight that came in the form of Kiera, the human girl who recently bounded into his life and set it spinning, even at times, out of his own monumental control.

‘His Electa’ – The ‘Chosen One’.

Kiera was born for Dominic, she was selected by the Gods to be his one true-love, and the Gods have a plan. However, he didn’t count on it being a feisty Liverpudlian girl from England, who has a knack for not doing as her told, and ruffling more than a few Angel feathers in the process. Nevertheless, his love for her is all-consuming, passionate and true. But with this love comes an overwhelming need to possess and protect what is his. No-one can touch her, anyone breathes on her or looks at her funny and not only do they feel the mighty wrath of a jealous lover, but his Demon side is, to be frank, a little scary…

Kiera is finally succumbing to the idea that the man she loves is, (although way out of her league), her soul-mate. Her Dominic. The man who had saved her life when the nightmares of her past had come back to haunt her. Now, Morgan (her ex crazy kidnapper) was dead, it seemed that Kiera and Dominic could now embrace their love, all the while adapting to Draven’s ‘otherworld’ in the club known as ‘Afterlife.’

As they spend countless nights together, the passion and love they feel for each other fuels some very steamy encounters that will make your toes curl! This also includes a brush with disaster involving some sexy underwear, an accidental kiss with the *cough* ‘Wrong’ Draven Brother, Demon shopping escapades, and oh, some new Demon stalker invading her dreams, it seems Kiera’s idea of leading a ‘normal’ life are slipping away, day by day.

There is also the little problem of Hilary, Libby and Kiera’s ghastly cousin, who is coming to stay for a week or two and who seems to make it her life’s mission of making Kiera’s life a total living hell, is just another thing to add to the ever expanding list of problems.

To help relieve the fear that still eats away at Keira’s core, and to help alleviate hidden threats, Dominic gifts Kiera with a little support, in the form of Ragnar, a Warrior Viking Demon who gets given the task of becoming her new Bodyguard.

With her life continually scrutinised and kept under close watchful eye, Keira feels herself, regrettably at times, succumbing to the pressure of being with The King, but nothing prepares her for the plans her new Demon stalker has for her. Lucius, is not just another Demon, he is also a being of formidable mind power, for he is also a ruler, known as: The Vampire King. Forged and reborn from the fires of hell by Lucifer himself, he is branded as being the only ‘other’ that can potentially rival Dominic’s powers.

Things start to take a monumental turn when Lucius up’s the stakes in his mind games. By controlling her dreams he threatens the promise that Kiera will soon belong to him – his quest for revenge on his nemesis is vital in his plan, and yet his power has the ability to wield Kiera into keeping quiet, and therefore making her unable to voice her troubles to Dominic, who is the only one that can protect her…


This is a stunning book. It’s a commendable second instalment that again, like its predecessor, is on the long side and will require another marathon read. Yes, because it is 1087 pages, and yet I was still sad when I had finished it. It also ended on a little cliff-hanger, so book three cannot come soon enough! Please don’t let the length deter you. If there is one thing that Stephanie Hudson is good at, that is her ability to throw you into each scene like you are living it. She has given each character a world of room to nurture and grow, and I feel now that I personally know every single one of them.

Kiera can be indecisive, and her self-doubt about Draven’s true feelings was questioned countless times when it wasn’t completely necessary. But she is a strong heroine, and her musings just made her feel more ‘human’, so I understand this aspect of her character and at times, when not an irritation, her naivety was rather endearing.

My only gripe is that I am a Vincent Girl. I am a sucker for Angel’s and I find his character not only the most beautiful, but he’s also the most elusive and I want his character to be further nurtured. I want to jump into my kindle, grab him and unleash that bad boy inside. But I have been assured by the author that she has an exciting ‘plan’ for him, so watch this space…

Stephanie Hudson, you have a fan for life. I am still ‘Craving the Drave’ so 2013 cannot come soon enough…

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