The Triple Goddess (Afterlife Saga #3)
by Stephanie Hudson


Kelly - 5 crowns

I’m still ‘Craving the Drave’, but… ‘Lovin’ the Luc’

Yes, loyalties have been tested and boundaries crossed in this thrilling new third instalment of the Afterlife saga.


Please excuse me while I just pick my jaw up off the floor and try to compose myself after what has just been another truly exceptional book journey, administered by the incredible talent that is, Stephanie Hudson. Girl, I want to hi-jack your brain, crawl inside and set up house!

To deliver a series that incorporates the full complexity of a paranormal world with characters that breathe takes a work of genius, and wow – does she know how to deliver. Her writing flows with artistic flair as her words paint pictures of a place that has started to feel like home.


In The Triple Goddess we embark on a new journey with Keira, as she is captured by Carrick (the Harbringer of Death) and delivered into the hands of the enemy, Lucius – The Vampire King.

Guarded in the confines of a large hidden mountain retreat in Germany, Kiera believes her mortality hangs in the balance, as she plays yet another pawn in this game of control between Dominic Draven, her one true love, and Lucius, the king of the Vampires, as he barters her life for a priceless relic that rightfully belongs to him.

Grieving the loss of her family, Draven and her home, Kiera finds an unlikely companion in the form of Pip, a mischievous little Imp that takes a keen interest in attracting trouble.

After spending nights at the VIP table at Transfusion by Lucius’ side, Keira has no choice but get thrown into a darker side of the world she has been plunged into and starts to question her sanity when Pip calls her friend and hostile conditions gradually transform into familiarity as Lucius and his surprisingly loyal council show signs of leniency and support.

As captivity progresses into protection when another demon tries to stake his claim on Kiera – the Electus, Lucius has to make a crucial decision, but not before confessing some untold truths. As their connection strengthens, Kiera starts to question Draven and the actions of his past and learns that everything may not be as it once seemed.

However ‘fraternising with the enemy’ comes with its own set of consequences, when a face from the past puts Kiera’s life in further jeopardy, and with Draven hot on Lucius’ heels to get his chosen back, it seems everyone wants a piece as Kiera fights for unity and survival.


Draventies, be prepared for our big man to take a little backseat in this 3rd instalment as this is undeniably Lucius’ story. He plays a prominent part but it was absolutely essential as the Afterlife Saga steers us in a whole new direction in Kiera’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance as she learns of her role in this new world.

I love the Draven’s but it was nice to delve deeper into enemy territory and get a whole new insight to the world Kiera has been plunged into as new characters are introduced and play a pivotal role in her prophecy. As always, this book is a marathon read but think of it more as a fine wine that needs to be tasted and savoured as it consumes you, making you a little dizzy and somewhat euphoric – because yes, some parts will leave you a little light-headed and breathless. I don’t know how Stephanie did it, but I felt myself going through a transition period as many questions were answered with an honesty by the most unlikely of character’s and it was an entertaining experience. Dare I say it, but I was falling for the enemy! There were times that Lucius stole my breath away and I think I may just love him a little now too.

Pip, what a character! That little imp had me rolling in my seat as Stephanie really pulled out the comedy card on this one. I absolutely loved her and Adam, they are the most unconventional couple I have ever encountered and yet the love that resonated from them both was beautiful and it shone a whole new light on the fact that there is a bigger picture, with ‘Afterlife’ being just the tip of the iceberg.

I can’t finish this review without mentioning Vincent – can I just say, ‘True Form.’ Whoa! God, I love that Angel.

But… and there is a But… The ending! OMG! I didn’t expect that, it totally floored me and I think my heart just broke a little bit. I need book four yesterday as I know it’s going to be another rollercoaster ride as Kiera embarks on a whole new kind of mission.


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