The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1) - Tabitha McGowan


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The Tied Man – Tabitha McGowen

Welcome to Albermarle Hall…

The glossy brochure depicts an opulent manor house standing tall and elegantly proud on it’s own secluded island in northern England. Surrounded by a serene lake on the outskirts of a small but thriving holiday village, it offers total privacy, isolation and rich luxury to all of its ‘high-profile’ guests. However, for those few individuals in the know, there is more to Albermarle Hall than meets the eye.

They say the she-devil comes in many disguises, in this story she trends cascading red hair held in a high chignon, an upper-class cut-glass dialect, an expensive 100% silk suit and fake silicone breasts. Her name is Lady Blaine Albermarle, and for the right price she will make all your sexual fantasies and desires a reality; all she requires is a hefty cheque, full nondisclosure,
...and a piece of your soul.


Lillith Bresson is a successful English self-portrait artist, who now resides in Spain. Having accepted an invitation to appear on a popular British chat show hosted by a household favourite, we are immediately introduced to a woman with a 'no-holds barred, take no prisoners' attitude. Her past is a sore spot and one that she refuses to discuss, not even with a pretentious prick like Johnny Buckle. As the interview takes an acidic turn, Johnny leaves the stage covered with the contents of Lillith’s glass with the whole world knowing he sports a very small penis.

When her poor excuse for a male of a Father darkens her doorstep, she knows nothing good can come out of this surprise visit, and she was right! With a debt to repay, he blackmails his Daughter into leaving Spain and heading back to England to paint a portrait of one, Lady Blaine Albermarle.

On the first-class flight, she meets rising musician and notorious hedonistic, Gabriel James. When they are caught in a compromising position, with Lillith between his thighs, ‘looking for her pencil,’ it’s not long before it makes tabloid headlines.

(A word of advice: Laugh all you can in these moments. Bottle those laugh out loud moments up, and lock them safely within your heart, because this is where all joviality ends!)

Upon her arrival, Lillith is treated to further first-class hospitality but she has a talent, a knack for seeing behind the façade, and immediately she feels something is greatly amiss at Albermarle Hall. All is confirmed when she sees him for the very first time, Finn Strachan, as he makes his descent down the opulent staircase. Introduced as Blaine’s companion, he smiles, playing his part well.

”Finn has the face of a fallen angel. Wide, dissolute eyes the colour of moss agate gazed out from behind a long, thick fringe of muddy blond hair, and loose strands fell to frame a snub nose and sensuous cupid’s bow of a mouth that was just saved from being feminine by a square, stubborn jaw. The very first time I met him, Finn Strachan stole my breath.”

When Finn is ordered by his ‘Lady’ to show an extra interest in her new houseguest, Lillith is horrified when she realises that he is a glorified rent-boy, subjected to carry out sexual favours on Blaine’s behalf, as a way of ‘entertaining’ her special guests.

As the façade starts to slip, Lillith finds herself in a very difficult situation when Finn starts to open up and share his horrific back-story and how he came to sign away his freedom to the devil in Prada.

"Y’know what my job is, huh? It’s to say ‘Yes’ and keep saying it until whoever’s paying decides they’ve had enough. It doesn’t matter if I’m not happy, of if it disgusts me, or even if it hurts like I’d rather fucking die. So deal with it. I have to.”

But nothing could prepare Lillith for the level of depravation, the vile acts of sexual abuse and blackmail Blaine’s staff are subject to in order to keep the high-ranking lawyers, police sergeants, doctors, politicians and top businessmen in the sordid life of debauchery they so desperately desire.

”I was painfully aware that for the first time in my life I was using avoidance to deal with a situation so huge that there was nothing I could change.”

With Finn’s only coping mechanism lying heavily in illegal substances, a full blister pack of tremazepam at his side, Lillith knows she needs to intervene, if anything to help save the beautiful Irish shackled boy she has come to call friend.

However, Blaine Albermarle has other ideas, and it’s only a matter of time before Lillith finds that Finn isn’t the only one incarcerated inside the prison, prominently disguised as a luxurious English manor home.


At times I couldn’t quite believe what I was reading, some of the abhorrent events in this book really took me out of my comfort zone and made me question myself as to why I felt the need to continue, but that’s what makes this book incredible because it’s written so beautifully profound that it was impossible to stop.

The characters felt real, their pain was real, their nightmare became my nightmare, and I had to see it though until the very end, because I needed to know!

Lillith Bresson is one tough cookie. Her own past was shocking; originally cut from the same pompous cloth as the lady herself, but with a whore Mother suffering with schizophrenia, her own childhood took a dramatic turn, making her one very strong character… and Finn’s saviour.

This is NOT a new-adult romance, this is not a naughty escape into BDSM Erotica - this is a story that will shock you, and yet at the same time you will pull strength from it in order to continue.

Without giving anything else away, I advise going into this book knowing that it’s not going to be an easy read as it covers some very disturbing subject matters involving non-consensual sexual activity, drugs and violence. Yet, if you want to escape into something dark that is incredibly well written and has the capability to shock, then go for it. Just remember to wear your big girl pants!

Looking forward to book two!

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