The Star Trilogy
by Arianne Richmonde



Two "reformed" Hollywood stars.
And one hell of a war of wills.

Movie director Jake Wild lives up to his name. A dangerously sexy playboy, he's used to getting any woman he wants when he wants. Until he meets his nemesis: the beautiful, equally notorious Star Davis.

Ready to leave behind her party-girl ways and set to play the lead in his new film, Star doesn't expect to fall for the charms of her director. And the last thing Jake wants--or needs--is for his life to spiral out of control.

Two beautiful misfits have met their match.
A match that lights a bonfire...

From the Hollywood Hills to the grasslands of Africa, the epic Star Trilogy takes you on a thrilling journey shrouded in secrets, masked by betrayal, and with unforeseen twists and turns that will make you question whose side you're on.

Lights . . . 
Camera . . .
Action . . . 

Fasten your seat belts . . . you're in for a Wild ride.

Emma - 4.25 Crowns


A 3 Novella series packaged in 1 very glitzy boxset standalone.

This is the story behind the rich and famous lives of the Hollywood elite. Told in dual POV, this is the story of a child star who has lost her way and a director struggling to make it on his own merit, instead of being known as the playboy son of Hollywood royalty.

Star Davis is 19 and newly out of rehab. Having started in the business at 2, she has grown tired of the bullshit that accompanies her true love - Acting. So what if she enjoys to party; it doesn't mean she is the addict everyone thinks she is. To prove this she has bagged the part of a lifetime, she is even doing it for peanuts. Now she just has to get the director on side. Shouldn't be too hard, she is after all Star Davis.

Jake Wild is an upcoming director about to embark on his biggest film to date. This may his time to shine, away from the snide remarks of only being where he is because of his family. When the producer informs him that not only have they cast Star Davis, the wild child that the paparazzi go nuts over, but that he has to personally take her under his wing, he is furious. He wants a serious actress, not a barely legal drug and drink fuelled princess. He also doesn't need her to distract him. A recently admitted and recovering sex addict, he is determined that he will no longer be fucking his way through the cast, crew and anyone else for that matter. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

Two damaged products of a childhood spent in the lights and glamour of Hollywood. Will they be each others salvation? Or will they force each other back into the lifestyles they are trying so hard to escape from?

I really enjoyed this book, I needed a bit of glitz and glamour, an light easy read after a very dark read; The Star Trilogy was the perfect tonic. Don't assume however that it is all sunshine and roses, it isn't. The book certainly has drama a plenty to keep you the reader interested and invested in the main protagonists.

Star was perfect. Assumed to be the typical Hollywood brat, she is actually an amazing actress with a real and honest lack of self esteem. Everyone loves her and she is such a likeable character. She is at times mature for her age but at the same time has a naive side to her that reminds you she is still just a 19 year old product of a very harsh and judgemental business. Jake is the quintessential former playboy director who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is desperate to make it on his own, especially given the difficult childhood he endured with his famous father. Star shocks him on many levels and he fights the emotions she stirs in him with stubborn determination. They are great together, the perfect match of ambition, issues and determination to survive and win in Hollywood. They just both need to realise it.

So if I am being super picky it felt a little rushed at times, there is a lot of drama played out and I wish some of it had been expanded on a little more. However lets remember that this is a 3 Novella boxset and they always seem to be a little more rushed than a novel. The writing though is an easy style and I found it very readable, witty and perfectly descriptive.

If you are looking for an easy, light read with drama, glitz and steam - The Star Trilogy will be the perfect read for you







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