The Secret of Ella & Micha


Kelly - 4 crowns

This book has enough sexual tension to choke a horse!

Micha is the boy next door that we all wish we had as kids growing up! He is popular, beautiful and talented.

Ella, although a girl is 'one of the boys'. Micha is her world, and the only true friend she has ever let in, so when puberty strikes and mutual attraction grows, its only right that they both hide their feelings so as not to jeopardise their special friendship.

However, when Ella's world comes crashing down around her at seventeen, and her family blames her for the event that rocked them to the core, she feels the need to run. She packs her bags and leaves everything behind, including the boy she loves. Wanting a fresh start to get her head straight, she heads to Vegas to attend college and yet gives no-one back home any indication to her whereabouts.

As eight months pass by, Ella changes everything about herself. Her gothic attire is history, along with her bad attitude and heavy make-up. She makes a new friend in Lila, a rich princess who has no concept to the real world. But what Ella fails to realise is that her new world and old world are about to collide with an almighty bang, when she has to return home for the summer, and face the mess she left behind.


I wont lie, I found the first 20% of this book a little tough going. Ella was difficult to warm to and I wasn't sure where this was going. I have read some really strong books lately and this didn't seem to be measuring up for me, until I hit the halfway mark, and everything changed. This book went from a little mundane, to Holy Crap, I think I'm falling in love with this book, hard!

Micha is such a selfless character, which is unusual with male leads, but he definitely had the like-ability factor more so than Ella. In-fact, she annoyed me at times because she was trying to be someone she wasn't, and yet it was beautiful to see how Micha was the only person who could chip away at that fake persona, and find the girl inside that he has loved for so many years.

Ella really grew on me later on and I started to appreciate that her past has had some serious repercussions on her future and a little therapy wouldn't go amiss.

This is a feel-good tale that proves that falling in love with your best friend doesn't mean the end of a special friendship, yet an enhancement of the magic connection that bonds two perfect souls together.

I will definitely continue with this series, to see where the road leads to next.

A truly great read

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