The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

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Nastya Kashnikov lurks within the shadows of humanity; she shrouds her body in black and covers her face in dark makeup over translucent skin, and she doesn’t speak… to anybody!

However, Nastya wasn’t always this way. A renowned local ‘Brighton’ girl, she held a talent that defied beauty. But one day, when she was fifteen, everything she held dear, everything she had worked so hard for, was stripped from her – taken away in a moment of sheer brutality so profound that all that remained of Nastya was a shell of her former self.

Now, approaching Eighteen, Nastya has moved away from her local town to escape the horrors of her past, and moved in with her supportive Aunt, a two-hour drive away. After a year or two of home schooling, she has decided that going back to High school is not only a necessity, but also a requirement if she is ever to graduate.

Regarded as the new ‘freak’ in school, she attracts some unwanted attention, until one day a boy steps in to aid her – this boy is Josh, a reclusive student who sits alone, a hidden force field intact, keeping at bay all those around him. Having endured his own share of past torment, he sees the girl behind the façade, knows the pain that dwells within her dark, over made up eyes, and even if he doesn’t understand it – deep down he knows this girl is like him. Broken.

Josh just wants to build furniture, so every night he spends precious hours in his garage workshop, working on his next project, until one night he sees her. Drenched in sweat, cut legs and a troubled brow, he offers to take her home – after all, what is a girl doing running through the streets at midnight?

As days turn to weeks, and weeks into months, Josh and Nastya form an unlikely friendship. Revelling in each other’s company with silence is not generally the norm, but it’s something they both find a comfort in. But Josh wants to know this girl, and Nastya can’t help but feel a connection to the boy in front of her, but in being able to learn more, she will have to break her one rule, her one vow: her silence.


Katja Millay is a genius – FACT! <--- Ugh, don’t you hate it when people do that, but I’m sorry, I felt the need to break my own rule, because I cannot emphasise how beautiful her talent is. Her writing flows like poetry. Her words a lament. Her voice a symphony.

This book was a slow build read but at the same time it was comfortable. It wasn't ‘too’ angst ridden, even though at times I felt like crying. The author didn't throw in added drama just for the sake of it. Each scene followed on from the last, without too many time lapses, and it gave the characters time to grow. I loved watching Nastya gradually start to come out of the darkness and the fact it was a long time coming made this story what it was: believable.

The last quarter of this story was worth the wait and time investment and what made this a true book journey.

Josh and Drew, oh what can I say about these beautiful boys, except be prepared to fall in love with both of them in a totally different way. Every girl needs a rock; Nastya gets two! ;)

So I think it goes without saying that I LOVED THIS BOOK! The ending was just perfect. I love closure and this book definitely delivered.

I recommend this book to fans of Rebecca Donovan’s Breathing Series.

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