The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton



Kelly - 5

Intense and Heartbreaking

You wouldn't believe my little review title going by the cover on this e-book version. But believe me when I tell you, this book will have you reaching for those kleenex, by the Box loads!

This is a mighty step up from anything remotely associated with 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' not only is it incredibly well written, but it covers BDSM elements that will make your toes curl, and make you cringe with moments of uncertainty.

This is not an easy read, and if you are a little on the 'prudish' side, then don't even pick this book up! But if, like many of the reviewers on here, are open to possibilities and find the whole 'dominant' and 'submissive' genre fascinating, then this book has everything!

This isn't just another 'erotica' work of fiction. The backbone of this story focuses on the power of friendship.

If you knew you were dying, how far would you go to protect the one love you were leaving behind?


How far would your best friend go, to adhere to a request, that not only goes against everything he ever believed he knew about his friends, but pushes boundaries that he never even knew existed?

A gritty, intense and gratifying love story, with moments of sheer beauty, overwhelming heartbreak, and hope...

If you are feeling a little daring, then throw caution to the wind, and read this book!

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