The Quarter Moon (Afterlife Saga, #4) by Stephanie Hudson


With Keira finding death on her door she is suddenly plunged into a world of the unknown and has to face it alone…or does she? Soon this new life is filled with heartache, shadowed followers and cryptic messages, that only promise to lead her deeper into world of the supernatural like never before. 


For Keira, even taking a breath without the other half of her soul is painful enough. So when given the choice to either accept what life the fates have decided she live, or to force that life behind her and accept the dangerous journey ahead, the answer is easy… 


She will fight to save the man she loves. But this fight includes Heaven and Hell in search of the truth, a truth that will rather set her heart free or be destroyed on the other side. 


Are the fates really to be trusted?

Kelly - 5 crowns

Another thrilling and immeasurably profound supernatural masterpiece from Stephanie Hudson as she steers the Afterlife Saga in a whole new direction. Be prepared to partake in the journey of a lifetime. Dark, decadent, thrilling and totally unstoppable. Kelly, Perusing Princesses


“This was Afterlife and inside, I had found that in the literal sense in more ways than one. It both contained the elements of dreams and nightmares, Heaven and Hell’s creatures and the living Gods of a world most people would run from if they only knew the truth. But me...well I was running, screaming into the arms of that world and praying with every step that it would take me back.” - Keira Williams


The Draven’s may rule, but it seems Kiera is making quite an impression among many a hell brethren in this fourth installment as she takes hold of the ‘Electus’ reigns, and proves her worth in a world that is now as much part of her, as her beating heart.


Now that my friends is how it's done! The Quarter Moon is that book in a series that throws a spanner in the entire workings. Just when you think you have it all figured out... BAM! I spent most of my time reading this book shaking my head in disbelief and cursing the powers that be as these new events start to unfold. When you think all hope is lost, you get a glimpse of some real defining moments as to Kiera’s inner strength and personal character growth that will have you flying the flag of newfound respect for our heroine as she partakes on the journey of a lifetime.


From grief-stricken heartbreak to hell and back again, Stephanie Hudson has exceeded and excelled. Her level of descriptive text flows like the River Styx as you feel yourself immersed within a world that flows consistent with our own giving it substance and plausibility. Keira’s plight is thwart with danger and yet her sassy, sarcastic British humour keeps the story fresh and the element of hope alive; delivering momentary brightness in a world so profoundly dark. But even darkness holds elements of light and goodness as Dominic Draven takes a back seat in hell while Kiera proves her worth in the supernatural community as she vows to do whatever it takes to get the King back home where he belongs.


Her only means to locating her soul mate is via cryptic guidance from a powerful Oracle. Keira takes the bait as she accepts this new mission, only to realise very quickly that she has bit off a little more than she can chew.


Enter Sigurd; the unlikeliest of aid comes in the form of a ‘shadowed-knight-serpent-bad-ass-biker-demon-dude’ who can give Draven a run for his money in the power ring. The king of Ouroboros, his protection runs blood deep as he and Keira set-off together at the request of the Oracle to seek the answers they need to open the gates to the Devil’s playground.


Enter Cerberus; The gatekeeper to hell and all of its resident Hell-beasts, who is also 'kind of' a werewolf. Deadly, unforgiving and feared, he provides the only key, and fortunately in need of a new pet. A vow is his price for protection and entrance into the underworld but at what personal cost? Kiera just wants her Draven back so she makes a decision that not only unites them, but gives her crucial leverage in a deadly game of hide and seek... 


What Kiera goes through in this 700 page thrill ride is nothing short of extraordinary. Stephanie really did put everything into this one. This author can take an idea and make it breathe. The slow build up made the cataclysmic finale astonishing and totally unpredictable. I never expected the later events to unfold as they did and to be honest, I’m a little upset at the direction it took me in, only because I want what’s best for Keira. After everything she went though, everything she sacrificed, I was left feeling a little bereft. Regardless of this, The Quarter Moon gave me everything and more. Every emotion was touched upon as it pulls you in deep and doesn’t let go until the very end. And I’m delighted to say a little scratch was itched along the way. :D


I once said that the Afterlife saga had the potential to rival worldwide international bestsellers and I continue to stand by that statement more so now than ever. This 4th book is the ultimate clincher as it steers this series in a whole new direction.


Look out for a few old favourites too; but the new guys...holy hot inked lovin' leather biker boots...they will certainly make you question those loyalties. I can’t say I would be as strong as Keira, lets put it that way!


Roll on 2014 for book five!

Perusing Princesses
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