The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle


Kelly - 5

Trudy Bennett and Jake Wethers were best friends. Growing up together as neighbours in the large English city of Manchester, they were inseparable. Both children had a fondness for music, with Trudy becoming an accomplished piano player and Jake, having been introduced to the Guitar by Trudy’s musician Father, found his calling.

After a tragic circumstance at Jake’s home, Trudy was his lifeline – a light in his darkness, helping him through some tough times. However, with time being a healer, and people moving on, his Mother meets a new partner and decides to relocate to his native United States to start anew.

Jake and Trudy, sharing a young love but without voicing their true feelings, were separated at the tender age of just 14.

Letters and phone calls were exchanged, but eventually, as time passed, connections were severed and Trudy had no choice but to learn to move on with her life without her best friend in the picture.

Years later, The Mighty Storm - a rock band hailing from the States, are taking over the world. The Singer/Guitarist is notorious for his wayward ways, which includes dabbling with Drugs and entertaining hoards of Women. Also known for his difficult work persona, he’s a hard man to pin down, especially for a magazine interview.

Trudy is now working in music journalism, and gets the opportunity to interview the one and only, Jake Wethers. However, she isn’t thrilled at the prospect. Even though she wants to see him again, she is worried he won’t recognise or remember her. She’s also a little ‘put-out’ that their communication was severed abruptly all those years ago, breaking her heart.

Jake cannot believe it when he is given the name of his next interviewer. Pacing his Hotel Suite, he wants nothing more for it to be her, his Tru, the only girl he ever loved and his old best friend.

As Tru and Jake’s world’s collide once more, they are both catapulted back to a time when things were simple, reminiscing about their childhood, Jake and Tru both realise that they cannot be without each-other again, and embark on fixing the friendship they both once held so dearly.

However, they are not 14 anymore, and as time passes, it is obvious that the crushes they felt back then, have transgressed into something more. Which in an ideal world would be fine, but Tru has a boyfriend called Will, who she loves, a career in London that she can’t leave and a little issue called ‘Trust’ when it comes to Jake’s notorious rock star antics. But Jake isn’t giving up, and Tru has to learn to face the fact that compromises and hard decisions have to be made.

This is an incredible love story, with heavy turbulence that will knock you sideways. With hot love scenes, heartbreak, plenty of angst and Rock n Roll, this book is an absolute must! Fans of Thoughtless and Effortless by SC Stephens will love this.

Well worthy of 5 Crowns.

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