The Impact of You by Kendall Ryan

Kelly - 5 crowns


My Kendall Ryan cherry has been well and truly popped by this remarkable new-adult college romance. Its had a rather gratifying ‘impact’ on me, simply due to one notoriously naughty but delectable character…
Jase. <3

My inner cougar has been unleashed and she is roaring in ecstasy…
because of Jase. <3

This has got to be one of my favourite college based romance dramas, EVER, 
because of Jase. <3

It’s no secret that college romances are becoming synonymous in the YA/NA world and yet I can’t help but allow myself to be enticed within the riveting moments of that ‘first’ falling in-love experience and boy oh boy did Kendall Ryan deliver!
Have you guessed it, yet?

If Kendall Ryan has a ‘writers appreciative club for ‘sexiest’ college fictionist male,’ then for heavens sake, SIGN.ME.UP!


The Impact of You opens its literary pages with Avery, an adopted nineteen-year-old, (with two dads), whom is subjected to the hellish of all college experiences – a frat party! The loud music, the booze, the sexual ‘air filled’ tension, the half clad girls seeking male affection…all too reminiscent of a high-school life she left behind. 

“Thirty minutes into my first college party, and I’m ready to smack someone in the face with a shovel.” <- Chapter 1, opening sentence. ;)

Attending college miles away from her hometown; her reasons apparently clear… she is running. Hiding from a past event that turned her from a fun-loving, popular high-school teenager to a young woman who now hides behind long auburn locks and two extrovert friends.

When ‘the pretty one’ walks in, in the form of Jase, a renowned playboy, she doesn’t want his predatory stare to have ‘that’ affect on her. Warm tingling heat and tummy flutters are a distraction she doesn’t need! High-tailing it out the back door for some fresh air, it’s not long before Jase follows on her heels and initiates friendly conversation.

When Jase spots a nervous Avery hiding behind a dumpster at college a few days later, he plays his role valiantly when he rescues her, and takes her back to his place. All goes swimmingly well… until the Ex walks in! 

Jase knows that behind this broken young girl is someone who once lived life to the full as she admits to a shady past but refuses to divulge any details. In the hope to reviving that hidden spark, he takes it upon himself to become her life coach, giving her challenges to push her comfort zone. As they spend increasingly more time together, acquaintances turn to friendship, based purely on a level of trust and honesty. However, it soon becomes apparent that Jase and Avery stumble onto all-new territory when they finally succumb to the realisation they are attracted to one-another.

Jase welcomes the challenge of being with one girl… and the distraction - anything to help ease the heartache and take his mind away from his mother’s recent actions…

But what happens when the person you fall in-love with, the best friend you thought you knew was hiding a terrible secret? A secret so bad, it made them flee far from their home and hide, to the extent of trembling behind dumpsters?

When a person from Avery’s past reveals her ultimate secret, Avery and Jase are met with yet another challenge, but at only nineteen, are they really ready to deal with the consequences, together?


This book is a little diamond, its facets crafted with brilliant precision. A well-rounded, fast paced story with witty dialogue and heart-stopping moments makes for a riveting tale as we are treated to double first person narrative between both protagonists, Avery and Jase.

Oh I know! I sound like a 19 year old virgin stalker with horny ovaries. I can’t help it and neither will you when you are subjected to quotes like this:

“Avery is unlike any girl I’ve hung around before. She keeps me in a constant state of curiosity and mild arousal. It’s an interesting combination – both my brain and my dick are engaged, which is something new for me.”

“Okay…so you liked the kiss.”
I nod
“And your body was practically begging me to continue…” His fingertips lightly graze my bare thigh. “Which means I’m completely confused.”
I swallow a wave of nerves, biting my lip but make no move to explain.
“Say it, Avery. Tell me this is okay. You’re not like other girls I’ve been with, and I fucking love that, but I’m totally unsure what to do here.”

"I will possess you baby, and when I do, it’ll be worth the wait.”

This is a story of friendship between two lost and unhappy souls; one that blossoms so beautifully into affection and love, and yet there is just enough snippets of back-story and sub-plots to keep it interesting and highly entertaining.

Fans of ‘Wait for you by J. Lynn’ will want to pick this up.

Buy it!!!



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