The Future of our Past (The Remembrance Trilogy, #1) by Kahlen Aymes

Kelly - 5

WARNING: Contains one very hot and very heart meltingly loveable leading man!!

Well the first word that springs to my mind when thinking about this book is 'WOW!', secondly, I would like to say that it made a really nice change to pick up a book (or in my case, my kindle) and fall into the depths of those emotions of that first 'one true love' bittersweet despair.

For those of us who have been fortunate enough to know what its like to be in love; to remember that moment when it completely consumes you mind, body and soul, where you can think of nothing and no-one else. Those inner turmoil of emotions that can switch in a moment from incandescent happiness and contentment to sudden love struck grief. This book reflects on how young love can be so beautiful and be so devastatingly difficult. It reflects on the sacrifices of love and compromises that come with it.

Ryan and Julia are soul mates, they have secretly loved each-other since College but remained Best Friends for 4 years. It's not until Ryan receives his acceptance letter to Harvard that the reality of their time and distance apart kicks in, and they finally succumb and admit to each-other their true feelings.

They soon embark on a very passionate love affair. Written in first person with both leading characters sharing equal space on the page. Kahlen Aymes has done a wonderful job in highlighting the difficulties that come with long distance relationships. Even though that love is so all consuming, it still proves a hardship even in the strongest of relationships.

The sexual encounters are steamy, but without being too explicitly graphic and seedy. Unlike some erotica novels, you can actually feel the love flow from the characters and jump out from the page and into your heart. Sounds whimsical I know, but while reading this book I have to admit I did have a silly grin on my face the whole way through, and it brought back those emotions that I felt as a lovesick late teenager (YA), much to the amusement of my husband!

However, without planting any spoilers, I wasn't quite prepared for the last couple of chapters and I ended the book with a huge lump in my throat and a stray tear (little buggar). I don't cry often while reading but the end of this particular book really got to me. So be warned, you may need a tissue or two!

The excerpt from the next book at the end was much appreciated, and I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series.

Due to the graphic sexual nature of this story, this is for mature readers only - 18+

So for you Fifty Shades fans who want something a little more heart-warming, with many I Love You's, then you really must try this book.

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