The Devils Metal by Karina Halle

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

Oh my! This book was not what I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised! I thought it would be all paranormal from the get go... But it's a regular nice read and then BAM! A creeeeepy paragraph or two.... Then back to normal, and you are like okaaay.... Then you are trying to figure it out and enjoying it and BAM BAM BAM! Some extra creeeepy! I was reading it late one night and had to turn on some lights! Ha! Finally got to the hot love which was gooood! And then extra BAM!!! Holy cow wow! And then it gets great! And the ending is O M Geeeeee! Can not wait for book 2 in the spring.... Not my usual type of book but I am thrilled I read it!

Kelly - 5 crowns

All Dawn Emerson wanted to do was write. Being an avid fan of Rock n Roll, her dream of becoming a respected music journalist was always going to be a rough ride, because in 1974, the only thing women were good for was knowing their place. With the feminine movement in full swing, a new age was dawning and women found that they were finally being given a voice. So when Dawn receives a call from the Editor of Creem Magazine, giving her a chance to put her writing skills to the test and go on tour with the highly successful Rock Band; Hybrid, she jumps at the offer. After all, this is what dreams are made of!

Upon a frosty reception from all but one band member, it’s clear from the offset that they had other ideas: Noelle, the female bassist didn’t want another ‘Groupie’ on the road. Graham, the drummer, wanted ‘that guy’ from Rolling Stone Magazine. Sage Knightly, the guitarist thought it was all just a very bad idea in general, and Mickey was too stoned to really give a shit. Robbie, the singer was the only one who relented, because after all, Dawn looked pretty hot!

Dawn knew she had her work cut out with these boys, but nothing could ever have prepared her for what she was about to encounter while on that rickety old green tour bus.

What should have been the start of a career changing musical journey turns into the ultimate nightmare when she becomes the target of three Groupie’s that seem to have a connection to Graham. When a string of misfortunate events start to envelope the band, and her sanity comes into question when she experiences visions of a demonic force, it’s only a matter of time before the shit really hits the fan, and Creem Magazine get the tour review that will make history...


HA! Wow, what a journey that was. This book starts off with your normal, ‘run of the mill’ farm girl, wishing to write about the leather clad, guitar wielding men that adorn her bedroom wall. As a lover of Rock music myself, I could totally understand that notion! But I didn’t expect the twists and turns that took me on a riveting musical journey that rode at breakneck speed on the horror express, and I’m pretty sure I had a first class ticket!

The Devil’s Metal is nothing like I have ever read before. I love paranormal, but this book gave me the serious heebie-jeebies. It gives a refreshing uniqueness to what could have easily been just another ‘rock n roll’ bad boy tour novel.

Regardless of the ‘hot sex’ references on the synopsis, this is NO LOVE STORY! Don’t go in expecting hearts and flowers because you are more likely to get skull and crossbones!

Take a chance on this one, it may just surprise you!

A perfect Halloween read, but a word of advice – Leave the lights on! ;)

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