The Art of Submission by Ella Dominguez
Elizabeth - 4 handcuffs

This book is different from most as it really has his and hers POV, at each scene. It's like being in everyone's head and a fly on the wall at the same time... I really liked it. Who wouldn't want to know exactly what the person you are speaking with or doing things to is thinking... I know I would! Well done ms. Ella... And then that ending... Brilliant!

Kelly- 4 handcuffs

BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Submission by Ella Dominguez - (ORIGINAL VERSION)


Isabel: “I’m happy to see that we’re stopping to eat some dinner, since we didn’t actually eat lunch today. Instead we just argued, I pouted, slapped him, bojo’d him, and then I came like a freight train. I’ve had a very busy day.”


​Holy Hot Sugar Goodness, this book contains one very innocent, humorous, yet feisty female lead, a crass and very naughty alpha-male and BDSM 101 that will leave you hyperventilating and squirming in your seat. Okay, did I use the word squirming? Well what the hell, I can’t wrap this up in a box with a pretty bow, it is what it is, a damn good erotic love story with an alpha that can give Christian Grey a little run for his money.


Fans of Fifty Shades will like this book as the content is similar, but different enough to earn it’s own credit as a good story with likeable strong characters.Isabel is a recluse who is paid minimum wage at the local art galley and hides behind baggy clothes and long shaggy blond hair, and yet inside her there are undiscovered depths and untouched desires just waiting to be fulfilled. Her only way to express her hidden secret is through her art in the form of Erotic oil paintings.


Her Boss is opening an art show to all the rich and elite clientele in Denver and uses a couple of Isabel’s pieces as a last minute resort to cover a bare wall, knowing they will not be incorporated within the show itself and are not for sale.


In walks Dylan Young, a highly successful and wealthy businessman who has a passion for art. Good-looking and arrogant he begins to realize that the shallow and samey clientele is far from his ideals and lurks in the darker shadows of the gallery, stealing himself away from the unwanted buzz. As he embarks on a little detour he comes across two pieces that captivate him and kick-start his memories of a past that he longed to forget.


Spellbound by the incredible erotic paintings, he buys them from Greer, the manager of the Gallery, who seems reluctant to let them go and asks a hefty price. Young obliges and takes the paintings away with him immediately.


The next day, Isabel is furious that her boss allowed the sale of her much-loved and very personal pieces of art and makes a point of trying to salvage them back from the buyer, that is until she realises they were bought by the most eligible bachelor in town.


Swallowing her nerves and a little pride, she timidly visits the businessman at his place of work only to be blindsided and dismissed by his snotty receptionist. Dylan immediately wants to meet the woman who created such wonderful pieces of art and decides he wants to buy more of her work.Soon, Dylan pursues Isabel relentlessly, hoping to get a glimpse of this amazing artist, but he wasn’t quite expecting to feel attracted to her. As a mutual attraction grows between the unlikely pair, and his passion for her art starts to consume him, Dylan makes Isabel an offer that she can’t refuse.


Playing out her ultimate fantasy as a submissive has its perks, until the idea of wanting to express some control of her own becomes an issue with her Dom. Throw into the mix, an incorrigible boss, and an abusive past and these issues become paramount and the need to learn to trust becomes the forefront of this amazing story.


I would have given this book 5 stars, however I did notice quite a few mistakes in the form of missing words in sentences and a few spelling errors. Also, the double viewpoints were great but only when the main characters were separated. I found that I scanned Isabel’s viewpoint regularly in the middle of the novel as I had already read these scenes in Dylan’s, so therefore it’s probably just a personal preference thing on my part.

I have been advised by the author that the new edition has been trimmed down, and the double P.O.V of each scene has been reworked.

I am very impressed with Ella Dominguez and her gift of storytelling. This book is HOT! Definitely not for the faint-hearted, but it’s believable and many parts are incredibly humorous, which actually had me laughing out loud. We have a hot new author in town ladies, well done Ella! :)




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