The Art of Domination (The Art of D/s, #2)


Ella Dominguez 

Elizabeth - 4

Wow! This book was twisted and enticing and did I mention HOT?!

This story just got better and better and more intriguing with every page! And omgeeeeee! Looks like book three is going to give us sooooo much more of that! I can't wait!! Isa dear, I luv u! Your wit and inner dialogue just kept making me laugh... And mistress Isa... I want to grow up and be you! Ha! And sweet twisted Dylan.... Why can't you be real? Loved this book and it will be a sweet torture waiting for book three!

Kelly - 4.5

Ella Dominguez is proving to be a strong voice and a HOT new talent to watch in the world of BDSM 'erotica' Fiction.

'Holy sweet world of domination,' did Ella whip this up a crack or two. <--- ha, see what I did there. Eat your heart out Dylan Young, I can play on words too!

What an incredible second instalment. The writing and flow has gone up ten-fold in this sequel which incorporates a thicker plot that flows consistently well, enough so that by 60% you will be holding on to the edge of your seat by your wet panties.

I don’t deny that I had a few issues with the double POV in The Art of Submission, but Ella has taken on board some of her reader’s comments and come back with a cracking vengeance to prove that Double POV truly can work in a scene succession format.

Dylan Young… what an intense, dominating, possessive son of a handsome bitch. Goodness me. There were times I almost felt the need to jump out of my beloved reading chair and hit the floor in a kneeling position, eyes down, in order to continue with each scene because not only is Dylan Young’s character completely captivating but; YES, HE REALLY IS THAT INTIMIDATING!

”Speak pussycat; tell your Master you love him.”

I don't like comparing characters in books as I feel it necessary to keep each novel by each author separate as they all have an identity and a magic of their own. But… for those of you who may have recently jumped on the high street paperback Fifty Shades and Bared to you love wagon, then The Art of Domination just upped the stakes in alpha male intensity - Set those hard limits a little higher, and give you an insight of what it’s like to be a true Dominant.

Yes, Dylan has a shady past, and yes, he has deep regrets but he also knows that the dominant male in him was present since birth. He didn't have an abusive past that has been factored into his current afflictions; in fact we learn that he had quite a normal upbringing with his dominant streak inherited genetically from his Father. This is a man who is centre of his own universe. He’s invincible. With wealth, connections and a team of loyal associates, no one can touch Dylan young. He has no limitations and no weaknesses.

That is… until now.

Isabel Ibanez waltzed into his life when he least expected it, like a whirlwind she knocked him sideways and proved that love could exist in a Dom/Sub relationship. Now, five months into their kinky love-fest Dylan knows that this woman is IT for him and wants nothing more than to put a ring on her finger.

”Did you really mean it when you said I’ve belonged to you my whole life?”

“Absolutely. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted. I just didn’t know it until I met you.”

”I love you completely.”

Isa cannot live without Dylan, he is everything she has ever wanted. He is a man of his word, one she can trust with her heart, her soul and her life. When she agrees to a quick private ceremony she feels her life is where it should be now. With the man she loves - Her soul mate. Her Dom.

But, when their Honeymoon period becomes fraught with threats and a face from Dylan’s past makes a reappearance with a vice for causing trouble, Isa wasn’t quite prepared for the depths others will go to, to voice their irritation and annoyance at their hasty nuptials.

When Isa’s Father gets the scoop on the story, he toys with his Daughter’s emotions, knowing that Dylan has the power to cause him some ‘unwanted’ attention. With Dylan privy to Isa’s abusive past at his hand, Mr Ibanez immediately puts Dylan on the dangerous enemy list.

But this is the least of their worries for now, because it looks like there could be mole in Dylan’s tight network, and this kind of leak will not only have devastating effects, it could literally destroy everything.


Where Isa’s character paints pictures with inner vision, Ella Dominguez paints pictures with words. Each scene is captivating and really pulls you in. The intensity of their relationship grips you and yet you still feel the heartfelt love and affection that Isa and Dylan feel for each other. It’s not always healthy, but it’s true and that’s what matters.

There were moments when I cringed, literally! Dylan has his moments, and there will be times where you won’t particularly like him, then he will redeem himself in the next breathe by saying or doing something that will knock you bandy! Honestly, this dude knows how to play a role, and Ella’s hard work and dedication in delivering an honest account of dominant role-play is valiant.

The characterisation has grown exponentially and I am excited to read more about Sawyer. We see a bigger glimpse of the quiet man who protects in the shadows and I think I’m crushing on him, just a little. ;)

And can I just say… EPILOGUE? Wow, talk about how to set up book 3. Can’t wait!

An excellent, well thought out sequel that is well deserving of 4.5 very shiny Cuffs.

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