The Art of Control (The Art of D/s, #3) by Ella Dominguez

Kelly - 4.5 handcuffs

Holy Angst Overload! This Pussycat needs to take a deep breath and calm her tits... 


This series finale was edge of seat panty gripping stuff as drama after drama unfolded. It was incredibly emotional, sweltering hot, and executed perfectly.

If you are intrigued by BDSM romances or the idea as a whole, then bypass the 101 handbook and read this series, because Dylan Young will teach you everything you need to know. ;)


BOOK REVIEW – The Art of Control (The art of D/s, #3) Ella Dominguez


“You know, despite what society says, sexual sadism isn’t actually a sickness. Quite the contrary, it’s a lifestyle choice. Some people just need to pull their heads out of their asses and wake up to the new sexual revolution.”


Ella exceeded all my expectations with this 3rd and final instalment of the Art of D/s trilogy. Whether you enjoy BDSM ‘erotica’ based fiction or not, there is no denying the fact that Ella Dominguez has taken a taboo subject and translated it into one of acceptance and beauty.


I’m not saying this series is an easy read. Dylan is the ultimate ‘dominating’ alpha, he can be incredibly intimidating and highly self absorbed but the love that he and Isa feel for each-other goes above and beyond anything ‘vanilla.’ As a reader it consumes you. It pulls you in… and it doesn’t let go.


The bedroom/dungeon/shower/public bathroom cubicle/sex-club scenes are HOTTER THAN HELL! They even managed to make me blush more than once and that is something in itself! But that’s only one aspect of it, because this book is so much more! Its not just another ‘smutty’ read, as it also covers some serious subject matters – primarily one of a shattered past; a childhood plagued by domestic violence and abuse, given to us as snippets from Isa’s journal entries.

Some of it is upsetting… you have been warned!




With the threat of Isa’s Father still at large, Dylan and Sawyer are doing everything they can to gather evidence of the Murder of Isa’s Mother, and the role in it which Emilio Ibanez played.With Isa’s attack at the hands of Cassie and Alex still racking her of nightmares, Dylan decides to get her out of Denver for a while, as he surprises her with a belated Honeymoon trip to Paris.With the double first person narrative we play witness to some real comical, quirky, yet beautiful and heartfelt scenes as they both succumb to the passion and consummate their marriage in the city of Love. And in true Isa and Dylan style, they soon become acquainted with other practising dom/sub couples at a BDSM club and make a new friend in a Dom called, Luke.


“What is it about Paris that I just can’t keep my hands off of you?” I ask him inbetween kisses.“It has nothing to do with Paris and everything to do with my raw sexuality, baby. I’m fucking irresistible.”


“Oh how I love to watch you fly, my precious angel.”


When Dylan comes under threat by a man wielding a knife in a side street of Paris, it doesn’t come without its suspicions. Then, to make matters worse, Isa’s ex boyfriend turns up on the scene to stir trouble.


Meanwhile, Sawyer is holding the fort back home and he’s about to prove his worth when Mr Ibanez sinks to a whole new level and distributes video evidence of Dylan and Isa’s secret lifestyle.With the national papers and paparazzi taking a keen interest in Dylan and Isabel’s ‘sordid’ sex life, it seems nowhere is safe for the newlyweds, and its just about to get a whole lot worse…




I have so many scenes highlighted on my kindle it’s unbelievable! I thought the dialogue was amazing, the writing flowed exceptionally well and the characters grew exponentially, especially Sawyer! We are gifted with his own POV in certain scenes of this book which was a real treat as I felt myself crushing on him by the end of book two. I just hope Ella gives him his own story.


Fifty Shades of Grey fans should definitely read this series!


Cold Showers Guaranteed!


4.5 cuffs.








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