Teaching Aleck (The Last Hangmen MC, #2)

by Muriel Garcia


Muriel Garcia continues the story of the Last Hangman MC, this time the story is centered around Aleck, A complete commitment phobe due to a very emotionally tragic past. He has never experienced love... acceptance... happiness even.

Enter Charline... she has known Aleck for many years, and what's even more tragic is she has been in love with him for that many years... But Aleck has a huge electrified chain link fence around his heart and Charline, try as she might.. just can't get in.

The writing definitely improved from the first book to this one. It flows much better, and it definitely has unexpected moments that surprised me! Love it when stories are not predictable... and this one definitely throws a curve ball no one saw coming!

I really liked that Charline is a strong independent woman, a far cry from the shy young girl we first meet. She definitely gives Aleck a run for his money... 

I am dying to read the next book, about Gabe!


Elizabeth - 3.75 Crowns

Aleck Sanford had everything growing up, absolutely everything, except for the one thing he and his sister desired the most: the love of their parents. After many years of emotional neglect, Aleck only understood the love between siblings, his parents certainly didn’t love them or even each other. How do you pick yourself up when everything around you falls apart? When the only person to love you has to leave?

Everything changed when he met Charline Dane. Still affected by his past, Aleck doesn’t understand or do relationships but he wants her. He just doesn’t know what to do about it. When Charline’s past catches up with her Aleck is forced to make a decision: fight or flight? 

Will Aleck finally give into his feelings for Charline and save her before it’s too late or will their pasts get in the way? Will they both be able to overcome history and start anew?


Emma - 4.25 Crowns


Book 2 in The Last Hangman MC series. Although this could be read as a standalone, some of the storyline from Saving Ayden is covered in this book and it will give you a better background on the club and the characters involved in the whole story arc.

Aleck is a loyal and committed member of The Last Hangman MC, but he wasn't born into this life. Aleck was born into a life of wealth and privilege, however that didn't stretch to a loving family. The only person that he had was his older sister, Cassie. When he tragically loses her, he finds himself spiralling into a life of drink and drugs. It isn't until he meets Ant and the MC boys that he finds himself again, taking his life in a direction he never could have imagined, but with a family he has chosen.

Charline is a quiet, timid and nerdy senior in High School. When she meets Ayden, daughter of the president of the local MC, her life changes for the better. Ayden gives her the confidence to have fun and be herself. Being introduced to the MC is a huge eye opener for Charline. Inexperienced and innocent, her first visit to the club is shocking to say the least. Even more shocking though is the heavily tattoo'd member that she is unable to keep her eyes off. Charline crushes hard on Aleck as they become friends. When she finally works up the courage to confess her feelings, in the hope that she has read the signs right and he feels the same way, he rejects her and she is crushed.

6 years later...

Time has moved on and Charline is back in New Orleans following years away at college. Reunited with her best friend Ayden, she soon crosses paths again with Aleck.

Will the sparks of attraction still remain? Will Charline be able to knock down the walls that surround Aleck's heart? And will Aleck finally face and overcome the demons of his past and find the happiness he deserves.

I really enjoyed this book. Don't get me wrong, I liked book 1, but I did have some issues with how the book flowed. Muriel Garcia's imagination was never in doubt. She had created a great story arc and a solid cast of characters. Her writing just lacked experience I suppose. This book is a fantastic step forward. The flow and the content were gripping and I couldn't wait to find out how the story would twist and turn as I turned the pages.

This is a completely different story to book 1 and I loved that. It really was about moving on from the past and finding solace in being loved - it is a true love story. Charline is hardcore, excepting and understanding of Aleck's struggles; I absolutely loved her. As for Aleck, my heart bled for him. I just wanted him to open his eyes and have the courage to love and be loved.

Yes, the book could still do with a little more polish if I'm being completly honest. Although some people won't, I was able to overlook the errors because the story Muriel has put together is so good. I applaud her on her second book and the fact that she was able to take it in a diffrent direction, without losing the grit that you expect from an MC read.

I now look forward to Gabe's book. Aleck had his secrets, but somehow I think Gabe might have even more. A great sequel.



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