Tangled Web by Jade C. Jamison

Kelly - 4.5 crowns

Oh Jade, girl you are just choc full of rock n roll awesome! Brilliant novella of a best friend to lovers

romance written in past and present tense.


BOOK REVIEW – Tangled Web (Tangled Web #1) – Jade C.Jamison – 4.5*

I’ve said it before and I will say it again; Jade C. Jamison is a rock star in her own right. She’s the

Les in Paul, the Lita in Ford and the Achilles in my Heel. Damn, that woman knows how to pull

off a rock star romance.

Since reading Bullet, (which blew my socks off by the way), Jade has fast become one of my favourite

writers in the rock ‘n’ roll romance genre. Every story I have read of hers categorically delivers in the

‘believability factor’ with characters that are strong and likeable. But her strongest talents lie in her ability

to portray emotion. With her books you experience it all; Lust, confusion, helplessness, fear and love. Her intimate scenes are something to write home about too as they are not sordid in anyway, but beautiful and real, enabling the reader to fully appreciate the characters and connect with them on a personal level.


Tangled Web is a romantic novella, written in past and present tense, based on two best friends who connected early in childhood. Johnny Church was a gangly kid who barely made it through school – more interested in playing computer games and learning the guitar.

Katie Logan was a bright, yet shy girl with good grades and a secret love for Heavy Metal.

With hormones making an appearance in high school and with Johnny’s first battle of the bands gig, Katie starts to see her best friend in an all new light, there’s only one problem - he’s doesn’t appear to be interested. Katie believes that he views her more as a sister than a potential love interest and as his newfound High School popularity sores, its obvious Johnny isn’t lacking attention from the other female students, including all ‘those’ beautiful and unrelenting cheerleaders.

Now, years later… Johnny is a successful lead Guitarist going by the name of J.C. Gibson, touring the world and continuing to entertain hoards of fans at every tour pit stop. He is living the life he always dreamed.

Katie on the other hand has hit stalemate. Her life is boring. Her dream of becoming a writer has passed her by, as she struggles to cope with her job in Child Protection Services. She lives in a big house, with Sam, her cat, and a fiancé who is never home due to work commitments. Her only solace is escaping into the confines of a book with a glass of wine as she unwinds from her emotional and stress-filled day.

It’s been a year or so since she last saw Johnny, as he likes to darken her doorstep on rare occasion when passing through town, this time being no exception. A knock indicates a surprise visit and she is relieved to see him alive and well (unlike the last time), as they spend the evening together like old times. Two best-friends reconnecting and sharing beer and pizza, everything the same as it once was.


They kiss…

With past feelings re-emerging, an overwhelming need prevails as they both conclude their evening together tangled in Katie’s bed sheets.

But… Katie is engaged to another and as guilt rears its head and she admits to Johnny of her circumstances, he looks crushed. As he walks out of her door a second time, Katie believes she has lost the one person she loved the most…

Hurt, alone and feeling isolated, Katie succumbs to the realisation that she is unhappy with her life, which in turn, spurns her forward as she makes some life-altering decisions - but first she needs to reconcile with her best friend, she just hopes he is more than willing to listen… and forgive.


Being a Novella, Tangled Web is a fast paced read, making no concessions about how the Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle can, at times, darken the brightest of doorways. Be prepared to read about sex, drugs, and how Toxicity was the best album that System of a Down ever produced. Yes… I agree with you entirely, Mr Gibson! ;)

Rock/Metal romance junkies, please make sure you add Jade to your To-Read shelf if you haven’t already. You will be sorely disappointed if you don’t!

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