Tangled by Emma Chase

Elizabeth - 5 crowns

OH my GOODNESSSS!! This book is just the best.... It is unlike anything... it is fresh and funny, and the

whole time I was reading it was like I was gossiping with a good friend!  my best friend... who may be a

little pig headed, but he is my luvable Drew!!  

It was just an awesome insight into a GUYS mind!! and he gave lots of advice as well!  straight to me..lol

well us... and it was FUNNY!! Definitely a must read!!!

Kelly - 5 crowns

Emma Chase has arrived!
She has entered the writers world with a colossal bang! Figuratively speaking...

Her ability to throw her readers into the depths of the male psyche is admirable and remarkably refreshing, even if said 'male' is the poster boy for arrogant, selfish, insatiable, egotistical millionaire playboy.

Drew Evans is Gerard Butler in the Ugly Truth...in book form! He had me cringing with his moments of sheer brutal honesty, and yet at the same time, he had me laughing my arse off into next week. This story delivers everything. It narrative is witty, yet fun. The characters are far from perfect, yet like able. And every analogy that complemented each 'Drew' thought was absolute genius. It also gave my Husband a laugh or two when I read a few passages out loud, which is a feat in itself!

This book is a love story but not in the traditional sense. It's also a story of self discovery as Drew finally finds a woman who can give him a run for his money, and not just on a professional level. It's a wake up call, or in Drew 's case, a complete kick up the arse and WOW, I enjoyed every second of it.

Read this book if you want something fun, light hearted with laugh out loud comedy moments, a little vulgarity and a few hot bedroom theatrics thrown in for good measure. The Perfect summer holiday read!

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