Taming The Storm (The Storm, #3) by Samantha Towle



Lyla Summers hates men. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word … Lyla intensely dislikes men.

Her father has let her down her whole life. Her brother betrayed her in the worst way possible. And her past relationship experiences with men have been less than great.
Lyla is focussing all her energy into her band, Vintage, so when they receive an offer to sign with TMS Records, it seems that things are finally turning around for her. The last thing she wants is a man getting in the way.

Tom Carter loves women. Okay, love might be pushing it … Tom enjoys screwing lots of women.

When tragedy befalls his best friend, Tom finds himself making a promise to the big man upstairs – he’ll change his ways, if he saves the woman his best friend loves.
Tom’s prayer is answered. Now he has to change. Which means no sleeping around.

After Vintage’s manager breaks her leg skiing, Tom steps in as tour manager, and Lyla finds herself on tour with the man whore of rock.

Put one perpetually horny Tom and one sex resistant Lyla together, equals a recipe for disaster. Or so you’d think…

But an unexpected friendship is formed. A closeness neither of them expected. Putting one chastity belt and one lamp that is in desperate need of rubbing, to the test.

Will the sex storm that is Tom Carter, finally find himself tamed by the rock chick with a hardened heart, or will he go back to his womanizing ways…?

Kelly- 5 Crowns


'Heartfelt, sexy and totally addictive, this is one hot summer read you won’t want to miss!' - Kelly, Perusing Princesses Blog

After reading the synopsis, I envisioned a smokin' hot, witty, wild on tour, rock ‘n’ roll thrill ride with Taming The Storm, and I certainly got that ...AND SO MUCH MORE!

Tom was always a favourite of mine. The snippets fed to us depicting a relentless player with no conscience, a notorious bad boy rock star cliché -- womaniser and partygoer with a penchant for crazy tattoos made for amusing reading, even if he did come across fickle and a little arrogant.


But… is it all a façade?


I just knew that Samantha Towle was going to throw a spanner in the works and raise the curtain on what is in-fact a deeply troubled young man with his own story to tell.




After the devastating automobile accident that almost claimed Tru and her child’s life in Wethering The Storm, Jake is at breaking point. Tom, still getting over the loss of Jonny Creed, can’t imagine his life without his best friend, Jake Wethers and does something he has never done before.


Tom Carter isn’t the religious type; he has never prayed… that is until now.


Renouncing his wayward ways and promising to only indulge in sexual relations with a woman he truly cares about seems a daunting prospect. He doesn’t do romance and he certainly doesn’t do love. But it comes easier than he could have possibly imagined when Lyra Summers enters the fray; the beautiful and talented lead singer of Vintage, who has recently signed to TMS records. With no manager to oversee their upcoming tour, Lyra is mortified to learn that Jake has entrusted Tom Carter, number one manwhore (aka mut), to take on the new role.


Lyra Summers has sworn off men completely. She follows her heart and never her head, which has made for one interesting and upsetting track record, mainly consisting of liars, cheaters, and thieves. But it was Chad and Dex that destroyed her.


For ten-months her promise of abstinence has seen her through, but she still has needs and having a sexy rock star / womanising mut like Tom Carter (who has expressed an avid interest in Lyra in the past) on the same cramped tour bus is a headache she could really do without.


Tom may see Lyra as a challenge, but he also holds a touch of respect for the only woman who has ever turned him down. Soon a solid friendship starts to form as they realise they have much in common, but doesn’t come without its complications. Especially when the sexual tension becomes too much and jealousy starts to rear its ugly head. Giving in to the inevitable, Lyra and Tom come together in an explosive tangle of insatiable lust, and it works… for a time, that is until Lyra breaks her number one rule and lets him into her heart, knowing he holds the power to destroy her, just like the others…




If you loved The Mighty Storm and Wethering The Storm, then this is a must read! Taming the Storm proved a wonderful continuation to The Mighty Storm series, with the best part getting to reconnect with some much-loved characters, while meeting new ones in the process. This series is one of my absolute favourites and Tom and Lyra’s story, although not entirely original, was explosive, earnest and very character-driven. A road trip retreat between two people who may look to have it all on the outside, but carry hidden burdens that very few understand.


Taming the Storm could be read as a standalone, but to appreciate these characters and the complexity of the journey up until this point, I highly recommend starting at The Mighty Storm and working through, because trust me, you won't be disappointed!





Emma - 5 Crowns


Book 3 in The Mighty Storm series. This can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading all the books in this 5+ Crown series.

I LOVE this series. Jake Wethers is one of my top 5 book boyfriends and I will admit to wondering how Tom Carter would compare. No need to wonder anymore. Tom "rub the lamp" Carter doesn't just compare, I think (and hate to admit) that he may eclipse Mr Wethers ;)

Lyla Summers is the lead singer in the newly signed band Vintage. Having moved across the states to record their debut album, she is still struggling to come to terms with the break-up of her last relationship.

On the biggest night of her life, supporting The Mighty Storm at Madison Square Garden; Lyla literally discovered her boyfriend cheating. Could it get any worse than that? Well for Lyla, yes! Not only is he cheating, but he is cheating with Dex, her brother and bandmate.

Moving to L.A came at the right time. Dex has left the group and its chance for a fresh start. That is until she finds out that Dex has also moved out with his new band. Not only does she now have to ignore his daily phone calls, she now has to hope she doesn't bump into him. Good job she is just about to embark on a 6 week tour.

That is until she finds out that there is a last minute change to the tour management. Having sworn herself of men, what she doesn't need is the famous and unashamedly man-whore bass player from The Mighty Storm; Tom Carter, the "Mut" who hits on her every time they are in the same room. Now maybe she isn't looking forward to the next 6 weeks so much.

Tom Carter is turning over a new leaf. His whoring days are over, he made a deal with god and he is determined to stick to his promise. No sleeping with girls unless he cares about them. Helping TMS Records and more importantly Jake out, he finds himself heading off on tour with Vintage and the blonde bombshell Lyla Summers. It soon becomes quite evident that the deal he has made may get broken. Although if he sticks to just the 1 girl, surely it wont count?

Will their new found friendship become something more? Can Lyla learn to trust a self confessed "Mut"? And can Tom learn to develop a relationship without letting his past effect him?

Squeee!!! What a bloody fabulous book!!

All the characters in this book a fantastic, from the main protagonists to the secondary characters... Samantha Towle has built a group of people you want to spend time with.

Lyla is one cool chick. Beautiful but totally unassuming, she has a penchant for cartoon character t-shirts and doesn't care what people think of her. Totally betrayed by her brother, she is struggling to find happiness. A tortured back story has made her strong and determined to go it alone. She didn't however bank on forming a connection with Tom though and he effects her heart like no other, against her heads best intentions.

Tom "rub the lamp" Carter. What a delightful surprise he is. We obviously have seen snap shots of him in the previous 2 books, but wow he is so much more than what you think. Yes, he is a total man whore but he has his reasons and they are quite surprising when they come to light. I loved him! He so doesn't know what to do with the feelings that Lyla evokes in him. He will make you swoon, he will make you want to smack him in his thick head, but most of all you will want him to find his happy place.

As for the rest of Vintage.... Well we have 3 pretty cool and single dudes. I truly hope they get there own stories, I think they would be great characters to read about. Then you have Dex. What a complex character... definitely need more of his story. (hint, hint!!)

For fans of this series, this is a great addition. As I said before, I love Jake, but I have a new favourite in Tom. This book is fast paced, well thought out and I struggled to put it down. If you love your Rock star romance, you wont find a better example than this book and indeed this series as a whole.

A absolute MUST READ!!  


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