Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Elizabeth - 5 crowns

This book is amazing! I have not been so heartbroken and moved to sobbing in a long time while reading

a book... This book has it all and a shocker that will just floor you as it is sooooo unexpected. I can't

recommend it enough... Please please read this!


Kelly - 5 crowns

I like angst in my books, I want to make that perfectly clear from the start. This YA book however, takes

the whole idea to a different level. This is an emotional read, with characters that are so well established

by the half way mark, you feel like you know them personally. So when something traumatic happens to any of them, you feel it. It grips you and you just want the hurt to go away. Sometimes though, that hurt stays, and with it comes confusion, sheer grief and finally, hope. This book is remarkably well written and will remain on my awe-inspiring list for a very long time.

I'm not going to cover the synopsis, its been done numerous times already, but what I will say, is if you like a good love triangle, then this will wrench you in every direction, and as a female reader, you wont know which way to turn. At least that was one notion I could highly relate to in Harper's character and that was what made this book magic. It was hard to stay mad with her, because you felt exactly the same way.

Chase, the ladies man, the beautiful boy with arrogance and popularity behind him, with hidden depths and bluest eyes. Brandon, the tattooed underground fighter with a heart of solid gold. You choose... I couldn't. :D

Read this book, but please invest in kleenex, and avoid the spoilers, it will be worth your while. I promise

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