Taken by the Passion by Maxine Mansfield


Elizabeth - 4 crowns

I have to say that I com,steely forget how much I enjoy reading fantasy/paranormal books. They really are a breath of fresh air....the stories are so original!

This one sucked me in right from the first chapters.... Lizabet.... Our poor betrothed since birth heroine and her prince (of course they are always hot princes',right? Lol) Adan...

Yes it was a marriage contract, yes she was trained all her life to be the submissive docile wife, but she was still half barbarian... So that was not going to be in the cards! 

Poor Adan didn't want a mindless spineless wife anyway... So lucky for him, Lizabet was not one.... And lucky for him she loses the bet on her wedding night and stays with him to consummate the marriage.... Well, actually it seemed mor lucky for her! 

Sooooo, through enchanted realms and portals, they be me friends and continue as lovers.... And then fate of course tests them with some MIL drama, and of course dragons... There has to be dragons too!

After lots of little twists and turns and some funny dialogue (once you go gnome you never roam!). We come to the end of this whimsical toe and the happily ever after.... Oh! And lots of hot bedroom scenes in between!

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