Take Me by Olivia Cunning

Elizabeth - 4 handcuffs

I have two words for you..... BEDROOM STAGE...  OHMYGAWD!!  seriously Shade... you effen outdid

yourself... you have your bedroom outfitted as a stage with lighting and sex toy accessories including

wedges... holy holy hotness... and you have your thrusting and sexual talents to MUSIC!! with?? omg!!

who would not want to be on that stage which such and expert in the bedroom... OH MY GAAAAAWD!!!

beyond hot...  


Kelly - 5 handcuffs


Okay, sorry, just had to shout that from the rooftops... or my shower cubicle, with the spray on 'holy crap thats cold'! A true necessity though when it comes to Olivia Cunning and her bad boy, hotter than hell, Rock Stars.

I was concerned about Shade's book, because in book 1 and 2 he came across as a complete jerk, and I wondered if I could warm to the elusive guy that hides behind those mirrored shades, but wow, Olivia really pulled this one out of the bag and it's rocketed like a vibrating missile up to the number one 'G' spot!


Many say the eyes are a window to the soul, and they can project true emotion, so its no wonder he hides those crystal blues behind those mirrored glasses, because when those shades come off - Amanda knows that she's in trouble - a whole world full of trouble. And Shade becomes Jacob, just for one night only.

But is one night enough...?

With a pizza, scary movie and a bowl full of fruit, a few pillows and a roll on the sofa, hot tub, and bedroom 'stage' theatrics, the night goes off with a bang, or two, or three... and as Shade and Amanda promise each-other it's only for one night, they may come to find that fate has a way of intervening...

A nice straight-forward love story I hear you say? Well yes, it would be, if Amanda wasn't his ex-wife's older sister and the aunty of his beloved four year old Daughter - it would be a walk in the park (or on the stage)... whatever.


God, I loved this novella, LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. IT! Amanda is awesome and Shade knows how to treat a women. Oh Wow, that bedroom scene! Ladies, invest in clean underwear, because THEY WILL need scuba equipment when you have finished with this one! :D

Olivia, I am high-fiving you right now, lady!



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