Stories for Amanda - Written for the Amanda Todd Legacy Society
A Benefit to help fight against bullying...


16 of the most popular and bestselling authors in Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance and Young Adult have come together in support of the fight against bullying. Each has contributed a new short stories or missing scenes from their most popular series for this very worthy cause. 

Amanda Todd was a young girl who was lured into a bad decision by a cyber-stalker and then mercilessly targeted online and in real life over and over again, until it became too much for her to handle and she ended her life in October of 2012. She wanted to help other kids by sharing her story and letting them know they should never be punished for who they are or for making a mistake. is an organization that reaches out to kids in need, educates about the harmful effects of bullying and provides resources that can make a real difference. 

100% of the proceeds from sale of this anthology will be donated toward that vision. 

If you are being bullied, please stay strong and get help. Someone does care.


Kelly - 5 Crowns

A bullying awareness campaign supported by modern contemporary romance heroes. Support these authors and purchase a copy of 'Stories for Amanda' today! 

This anthology is not only raising awareness for a continued threat in today's young society and paying homage to a young life so tragically lost; it also delivers an amazing opportunity to readers, who may wish to experience the incredible works of many best selling self published/indie contemporary romance authors, of today.

With some prequels of popular and much loved serials, Stories for Amanda provides the perfect introductory platform to experience the early makings to some of my favourite stories. I immensely enjoyed the novellas by Kahlen Aymes, Madeline Sheehan, Rayne Miller, Michelle A. Valentine, Karina Halle and Kelly Elliott. A few stories also focused on the effects of bullying in high-school too, emphasising very clearly the Intended message in full...

Bullying happens every second of everyday. It does not discriminate. At school, at a workplace, even at home...And not only can it destroy lives, it has the power to take them - such was the tragedy in the case of Amanda Todd. Sadly Amanda was not the first, she is one of many. Bullying is a global disease and happens to most of us at some point in our lifetime.

As an avid reader, blogger and fan of contemporary romance, it is my hope that you help support these authors who have freely taken the time in raising awareness of this social disease and purchase a copy of 'Stories for Amanda' today!




List of contributing authors:


Karen Avivi

Kahlen Aymes

E.K Blair

J.L Brooks

Claire Contreras

Kelly Elliott

Kailin Gow

Karina Halle

Nina Lane

Raine Miller

E.L Montes

Alexa Nazzaro

Jessica Prince

Madeline Sheehan

Michelle A. Valentine

Nikki Worrell

















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