Stinger (Sign of Love, #3) by Mia Sheridan
Elizabeth - 5 crowns

There are noooooo words to describe the sheer brilliance of a truly deep and amazing storyline.

Starts with a college law student and an up and coming porn star, and ends with a brilliant soulful woman and a true and real hero.

Mia Sheridan, needs to never do anything but write, 24/7. Her creative brain is beyond brilliant. She has the ability to weave incredibly intricate stories and make readers feel every emotion on such a deep level that I found myself literally seeing stars, probably due to the fact I was holding my breath....

Beyond original. Beyond beautiful. Angst-ridden and gut wrenching tummy aches as you try and read faster for the story to unfold. From tears to heartache to pride to true deep love.... This book has it all!

Kelly - 5 crowns

(Got my ARC from the beautiful Mia Sheridan. Can't wait until the family are in bed tonight so I can snuggle down and devour her new literary masterpiece).

BOOK REVIEW: Stinger (Sign of Love,#3) by Mia Sheridan

Deliciously sinful, unpredictable and uniquely compelling until the very end. The perfect standalone read! - Kelly, Perusing Princesses blog. 

I must be psychic because my aforementioned statement of 'new literary masterpiece' couldn't have been more accurate. I didn't just devour Stinger, I consumed it, inhaled it like a woman starved of oxygen....or I should say that it consumed me, and I relished every single moment.

This book is more than its synopsis suggests, it just scratches the surface because this story has hidden depths that I wanted to drown in; Stinger, quite simply, stole my breath away. There are no words that can describe in explicit detail how much I loved this book and trust me when I say...Carson Stinger will reduce you to putty in his hands! He is no book boyfriend. He has made the Book Husband list and 'I won't ever let go.'

Now, lets talk about Grace Hamilton. She is certainly a woman who knows what she wants out of life, it’s all mapped out in the form of a life plan. She’s going to be a successful lawyer, have two boyfriends before she settles down with her ‘yet to meet’ Husband, and go on to have two children, a boy and a girl, aka Junior and Princess. couldn’t be more perfect in Grace’s world, and yet all it takes is one weekend and a broken elevator for her life pattern to change it’s course completely.

Grace cannot believe her eyes when she sees the signs as she arrives at a law student conference at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas, and notices that it will run concurrently with an Adult Entertainment Convention next door. What are the chances?

She also didn’t expect to run into a wall of solid muscle. The tall, blond man before her takes her breath away, until she notices his badge, ‘Carson Stinger - Straight Male Performer.’

No Way!

Immediately, the straight-laced Grace throws up her impenetrable wall and Carson notices the change in demeanour immediately.

“Let me guess, law student conference?” I started to walk around him, but stopped when I heard the clearly condescending nickname and the amusement in his voice. “Yes, actually. Is there something wrong with that?”
“No, not at all. Looks like we’re both here to learn how to be the best at getting people off.”

Immediately, the banter between them both is tangible. Grace decides she hates ‘the’ porn star, and Carson regards her as ‘the’ ice queen. 

When the elevator they are both riding gets stuck, Grace and Carson have no choice but to converse, and when Carson extends the proverbial olive branch by helping her overcome a sudden panic attack by singing, Grace reluctantly takes it.

As conversation takes a more sedate turn with both opening up to one-another over a game of ‘sink the basket,’ Grace realizes there is more to Carson Stinger than the ‘porn star’ who has sex in front of cameras for a living. Carson on the other hand wants to show ‘Buttercup’ that there is more to life than the mundane drone of studying and trying to appease her family by playing the perfect Daughter.

I leaned in and whispered close to her ear, “Lose control, baby. Just for a weekend. Let me take charge. I’ll take good care of you, I promise.”

Grace cannot resist his pull, and it’s not long before she throws caution to the wind and falls for Carson’s Charms.

I was being touched by Carson Stinger, Straight Male Performer! No! Yes! Yes! Yes! Three yes’s to one no. Majority rules!

One weekend is all they have... A life experience to add to the mapped out plan as it takes a little detour... If only they knew that ‘for one weekend only,’ was about to change everything. And this is only just the beginning...


I will not elaborate any further with respect to my summary because you have to experience this journey for yourself! I WILL NOT PLANT SPOILERS!!!

Stinger is told in first person narrative with Grace and Carson sharing valuable space on the page. This story is very character-driven, as you learn what makes Grace and Carson tick. Their story envelopes the reader within their own little world as we experience every deliciously sinful action, feel every myriad of emotion, and witness how it all comes to have a profound affect on their future.

Stinger has that ‘sliding doors’ effect. Imagine Gwyneth Paltrow’s train, then let it manifest into Grace and Carson’s elevator, and you get my drift. Nothing and I reiterate...NOTHING, could ever have prepared me for the direction this story was going to take. You will find NO predictability here as the plot turns on a dime.

Mia Sheridan is triumphant once again. Her deliverance in the art of new adult romance surpasses and excels at every turn. If you loved Leo, you will fall hard for Stinger - don't say I didn't warn you!


5 ‘Buttercup encrusted’ shiny crowns
























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