Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams

Elizabeth - 5 crowns

Ms. Molly.... You are an amazing evil genius! You made Chase' s POV seem like an almost completely new book....

You knocked out goodreads on your debut night! You slammed Facebook with all the posts about getting this book! Worldwide you readers stayed up past midnight to just see it in their own hands! Do you realize how epic that is?

Thank you! Thank you! You gave me Chase back.. Living, breathing, and able to fall in love, again.

I love his thoughts... I love him... And because of this... I could not finish it... I want to stay in my happy bubble with him and Harper finally together... Anxiously waiting for the arrival of their beloved gummy bear... I know you will understand... It's because... I just....

I can't have my heart shattered again.... Xox


Kelly - 5 crowns

Do NOT read this review if you have NOT read Taking Chances!



“I swear, if you touch me, I’ll go Lorena Bobbitt on you.” Lorena Bobbitt? Why does that sound—oh my God, the lady that chopped off her husband’s dick? I busted out laughing and put my pillow over my face. “Oh my God! Princess! You’re my new favorite!”
That’s it, that comment right there, and it was sealed. I would do anything to have this beautiful gray-eyed princess lying next to me, as mine.

I did it! I braved it! And yes...I still bawled like a baby! But you know what... I wouldn't change a thing! Totally. Worth. It.

Molly McAdams listened to her fans, she gave us back our boy, even if it was only for a little while...

Every captured scene was pure perfection as we relive highlights again from Chase's POV. Every moment was a gift, a second chance at a whole new experience with one of my favourite books, and 'destined for disaster' couples of all time.

Chase was always far from perfect, especially in the beginning but that is what I came to love about him. I mean let's be honest, he was a complete arsehole at times and yet he never made excuses for his behaviour. As a character he is the one that 'grew'. He connects strongly with the reader because he was the one suffering in silence pretty much throughout this whole story and yet he held on to that hope... he never gave up! He fought for the girl who finally captured his heart, even though it resulted in breaking the heart of his best-friend.

"You're such an ass, Chase. Why can't you just leave him alone?"
"Because he's with my entire world."

But, he never let go. Not even at the end.

We witnessed him go from an hormonal, selfish frat type college boy to a twenty-two year old man deeply in love for the very first time. And...for me personally, that is why the outcome of this story hurts so damn much!

His future with Harper was mapped, and with a vile act of selfish cruel intent by 'she who will remain nameless,' grrrrr - it was completely ripped away.

Nevertheless, Molly McAdams gave this story justice and with it, a sense of closure. Oh...there is no denying it, the last chapter is a killer, yet, at the same time, I found a cathartic acceptance. An inner peace,(after I finished blubbing that is).

And... so it goes without saying that my book loving beating heart will remember Chase Grayson, this beautiful, artistic, blue-eyed boy... forever.

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