Spark (Fire on the Mountain, #1)

by Erin Noelle


Book 1 in the Fire on the Mountain series. This book is a standalone read without a cliffhanger.

Crew Elliott, along with his mother Mary and brother Caleb, is moving to Colorado for one thing – Marijuana. Moving from Texas, they are heading to a state which can hopefully provide his younger brother Caleb a more long-term solution to his debilitating epilepsy. Having exhausted conventional medical treatments, they now look towards Marijuana and the health benefits it could have. It is his soul focus. What he most certainly isn't looking for is a Barbie blonde hippy who might just become his everything; in more ways than one.

Hudson Shuvall is the fourth of seven siblings. Born to earth loving parents who run a mountain retreat, she is used to sharing her home with strangers. She is also used to the cannabis farm that they cultivate for their family owed dispensary. Her life revolves around her family, her home, college and the plants that she lovingly cares for. She has no time for boys… until him.

This is my second Erin Noelle read, and the second I have given 5 crowns to. This book has everything I love in a book. Love, sex, angst, heartbreak and laughs. Erin has taken a serious subject matter and turned it into a fantastic read that I just couldn't put down. She has quite obviously researched her subject. It has certainly educated me as well as entertain and suck me into the little world she has created in the Rocky Mountains. It is just another example of the talent that this author has, and I can only applaud her for it.

You will fall in love with Hudson, and although at times you will want to whack Crew with your kindle, you will love him too. I enjoyed meeting the whole Shuvall family, particularly Hudson’s label hating parents Melissa and Doug and the very funny Grams. But for me the star of this book is 15 year old Caleb. He is a happy, cocky and fun-loving lad while at the same time dealing with a medical condition that effects everything he does. I fell in love with his wit and absolute charm. He is one of those characters that you remember long after you've read a book, even if you forget everyone else.

A brilliantly unique read and one that I would highly recommend. Erin Noelle is becoming a MUST READ author for me. I now look forward to reading Flame – Kota’s story. 

Emma - 5 Crowns

I’m failing. 
My younger brother is getting worse, and my job - my duty - is to help him at all costs. We’ve tried everything modern medicine has to offer and nothing works. 
Deciding to turn to unconventional treatments, we end up at Fire-on-the-Mountain, a holistic resort deep in the Rockies. 
In our search for medical marijuana, I find beautiful, free-spirited Hudson Shavell - a girl who may not only hold the key to heal my brother, but to fix me as well. Even though I can’t afford distractions right now, she’s all I can think about. All that I want. 

It’s funny how everything can change with one little SPARK.

***Though Spark is the first book in the Fire on the Mountain Series, it is a stand alone novel***

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